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UCB Video Tours

UCB Video Tours

I thought I’d leave off rambling for a week and instead take you on a little tour of each UCB campus. Even though you are bound to explore it all soon, I’d thought I’d point out some of the ‘need to know’ places around campus. Some areas are off-limits for the moment, and some I didn’t film so much because of enrolment and I didn’t think anyone would appreciate a camera stuck in their faces! For any areas I missed out on the video, I’ve highlighted them underneath. Hope you enjoy!

Summer Row

  • Ground floor: Atrium and Brasserie restaurants, I included two pictures from the UCB website.
  • 6th floor: ThinkSpace, examinations, attendance, wine-tasting lab.
  • 7th floor: Special effects and theatrical make-up studio.

P.S for returning students – the Academic Skills Centre in Summer Row is now through the library!

McIntyre House

My favourite UCB campus!

  • 1st floor: Edward Pargeter Postgraduate Suite – (couldn’t get in with my card because I’m not a postgraduate student).

Richmond House

This campus is mainly for Further Education students but I decided to give you a short video tour of this campus due to how useful and ‘pampering’ it can be for undergraduate/ postgrad students. As well as the public, us students can go here for beauty treatments, sports therapy and to use the amazing facilities all at a great rate.

  • 3rd floor: Sports Injury Clinic, Make-up Studio.
  • 4th floor: Further Education Library, Sports Injury Clinic
  • 5th floor: I.T Suite

Thanks for watching guys! Hope you found this helpful, enjoy freshers fair this week and happy exploring!

D x

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