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ITBM Year 1 Roundup

ITBM Year 1 Roundup

Hey guys! How is everyone settling into the semester?

We’ve only been back such a short space of time and I’m already wading knee-deep in assignments and projects! All fun in the end though, right? My modules this semester are Tourism Investigations, Tourism Operations and Creative Communications, the latter of which I’m liking the most, at the moment. For anyone who is interested in the tourism courses, I thought for this post I’d give you a bit of a run down on my first year as an International Tourism Business Management student – it’s quite a mouthful to say, so ITBM is the shorter mini-name for it.

Now, my year group were the first to have the ‘International’ title at the beginning. In previous years, the course was just simply called Tourism Business Management and a lot of new modules were created retro-actively to the new programme. I love how it’s called International TBM. Whenever someone asks what I’m studying, they usually go ‘Oooh, wow’, and I just love that response! Likewise for our second year, we get the knowledge of sparkly brand new modules first-hand.


1st year modules:

Tourism Business Management

At first I thought I’d struggle a lot with this module, purely because business terms and economic issues aren’t something I’ve ever really understood before (bearing in mind, this is coming from someone who thought the economic recession started because Woolworths closed down)! Despite my initial worries, I enjoyed the whole module, gaining a lot of knowledge about the business operations impacting upon tourism organisations.

Tourism Destinations

I loved this module – it gives you an opportunity to be extremely creative with your work! The whole object was to virtually backpack your way around the world, (not for real, unfortunately). You keep a blog, fill out a logbook and create a poster on one of your destinations. I discovered so much about countries I knew very little about (hello, Austria), and put into practice information I already knew about some of the countries.

Developing People in Tourism

We focused a lot on group tasks throughout this module and learned a lot of theoretical concepts about the type of skills we have. This module was cool because of the group debates, and the positive mood throughout it as a whole.

Least favourite module: Tourism Professional Practice:

Like Developing People, professional practice focused a lot on skills and attributes. I enjoyed the module at first, as it focused on each of us investigating the specific skills needed for jobs within niche sub-sectors of the tourism industry, (for example; attractions, transportation, events, etc.). The only reason I disliked the module, and why I’ve listed it as my least favourite, is because of a bad experience working in a group task. What I learned from the module was, overall, pretty good and insightful.

Hardest module: Travel and Tourism Marketing

Out of all the modules, I felt marketing was the hardest. There was a lot to take in, and the module really got my brain ticking! Don’t let me deceive you as I loved what was studied, and although it was hard, I feel like I learned the most from this one. Marketing was awesome!

Favourite module: Tourism and Media

I kept the best ’til last! Without doubt this was my favourite module throughout the year. Not just for our course trip to Dublin and Belfast, but I found it so interesting on how people perceive tourism destinations through what the media promotes. The assignments were based around perceptions from different media sources and the second piece of coursework was a comparison to a ‘before’ and ‘after’. Overall this module gave me so much insight in the way media is used to portray destinations, and how we as tourists perceive them.

ITBM students!

ITBM students!

Trip: Dublin

Both the BA’s and FDa’s set off on a four-day trip to Emerald Isle. We flew via Ryanair and landed in less than an hour. Our home for those four days was the Generator Hostel, one of the cleanest hostels I’ve ever stayed in (definitely would recommend). The group went to explore the historical/modernised university: Trinity College and we also took a cruise on the River Liffey, which was pretty awesome. Of course, being uni students, we made the most of the nightlife in Dublin (cheers, Dicey’s Garden). In our free time, me and some friends took a visit to the bohemian tourist attraction of the National Leprechaun Museum, which I’d definitely recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in Dublin. It’s quirky and so much fun to see the Irish fairytale legends the way they are portrayed in the museum.

The lecturers also arranged a full-day trip to Belfast, technically back on UK soil, in Northern Ireland. We burned off a lot of calories on a walking tour around the city centre, finishing off at the new cultural area: Titanic Quarter. This was where I had the biggest fan-girl moment of my life so far, as we got super close to the Titanic Studios (where a lot of Game of Thrones is filmed!). Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go in…

Before heading back to Dublin, we had the most insightful tour around the spooky and derelict prison Crumlin Road Gaol. This used to be a prison, housing thousands of convicts, and has been closed for over 20 years! If you ever go to Belfast, you must, must, must, take a visit! They’ve even kept the hanging room, where a few inmates had their final moments in life…Yikes!


Tourist Alert!

The 1st year of ITBM was amazing, I’m excited to see how second year goes. I’ll keep you posted!

If you are considering applying for a tourism course at UCB, I hope this post has been helpful to you! Have a lovely week, everyone.

D x

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