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Christmas Gift Ideas for Tourism Students

Christmas Gift Ideas for Tourism Students

Hi guys, how are things going?

If you read my previous post, 9 tips to help with assignment stress, I mentioned how the festive season for me (and I’m sure a lot of you guys too), is filled with the worries of assignments. Despite this, Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I love everything about these magical few months. Well, maybe not everything. If you’re anything like me, you’re not exactly one of those people who plan the perfect Christmas months in advance and Christmas shopping is a period of frantic scrambling that begins at precisely 9.00am on 20th December…

But this year will be different!’ we promise ourselves. Only I actually mean it this time! So to ensure the holiday shopping runs as smoothly as possible, I’ve come up with a few gift ideas that you could buy for your travel loving friends or family, or, for you to add onto your own Christmas list.

The Scratch Map:

Travelling the world and exploring lots of amazing destinations is such a wonderful experience and should you feel the need to subtly slip hints of your global exploits into conversation, having a scratch map hanging on your wall is a good way to go. Simply scratch off the foil to show the geographical details of the places you’ve graced with your presence. Even if you haven’t travelled to many places, the satisfaction of a fully scratched-off map would be a pretty good motivator.


Scratch Map: £9.99 –

STA Travel Gift Card:

If any of you guys, or your friends, are off on any travels over the holidays or wonderfully long break from uni, a great idea is the gift of extra money. STA travel vouchers are an excellent way to give your buddy’s travel funds a little boost and the great thing about these, is that they can be topped up by any amount from £10-£999 and can be redeemed in any STA store. Although financially it’s probably in your best interest to stick in the £10 side of the scale, it’s nice to know you can add a little more further down the line should your generosity extend past the festive cut-off date.


Maybe we should send Santa some vouchers too…

Travel Buddy Luxury Neck Pillow:

As incredible as being a globetrotter can be, there are parts of the process that are just unavoidably uncomfortable. Sitting bolt upright while travelling for hours on cramped planes, trains and buses make the idea of sleep an unfathomable pipe dream. So if you know your friend values his/her shut-eye, a travel buddy luxury neck pillow is likely to be very well received. Well, unless he doesn’t wake up and misses his stop…

Pocket Power Bank Charger:

Going on your travels often comes with its challenges but with a portable charger you can make sure running out of battery is never one of them, and we would hate it to happen just as we’re about to take the best selfie ever with a wild animal, right? The Go 4000 Pocket Power Bank Charger has two USB ports and enough juice to fully charge a smartphone twice over, which makes it a welcome addition to any backpack or suitcase.


Powerbank Charger: £21.99

Lonely Planet Books:

Ever year without doubt, I receive a Lonely Planet guide. In my opinion, they are one of the best gifts you could buy for a tourism student, or travel enthusiast! I could happily write every single one on here, but I don’t want to ramble your head off even more. So I’ve narrowed it down to three books that will ensure some serious wanderlust, and what’s more, students receive 30% off with an NUS card!

Give someone the world this Christmas…figuratively. The World is a condensed version of all the best travel guidebooks out there, covering the best locations in the world and most beautiful countries. You can get tips on the best excursions, pubs, cafes, picturesque secret spots and beautifully vibrant photos of locations you need to visit! That combined with detailed, colourful maps make this the definitive guidebook for any keen travel enthusiast. Give your friend The World this Christmas and you can be certain they’ll never get lost again!

In what appears to be a bucket list-esque, Ultimate Travelist is Lonely Planets, well, ultimate travel bucket list. They’ve ranked the top 500 most amazing and memorable places in the world into one book. For readers it’ll be met with some serious excitement, and will probably make us want to book the next flight outta here. I’ve certainly added this onto my letter to Santa Claus!

If you’re struggling to buy something for a child, why not get them excited about travelling the world? Adventures Around The Globe is a perfect gift idea to get children learning about travel, and all the incredible sights and wonders to see! The book is very interactive with puzzles, stickers, maps and lots of fun facts. I’m planning on buying this as a gift for my 7 year old little sister so she can get excited about the prospect of travel too!


“Got the whole world in my hand”…


Adopt an elephant, penguin, polar bear, donkey:

Or a lion, turtle, orangutan, rhino, gorilla and more! As awesome as it would be to really have an elephant or penguin as your pet, it’s just not physically possible. However, you can significantly help out endangered species in the world by adopting them. WWF is one of the best places to find out more but if you’re a crazy wildlife lover (like me), then this is a perfect gift to think about. There’s so many different animals in the world who are becoming endangered, and it really does make a difference! When you do adopt an animal, you can select the option of ‘as a gift’, and pay monthly or make a one off payment. Then the person receiving this thoughtful gift will get a cuddly teddy of their animal, a fact book, certificate and magazines about their adopted animal throughout the year.

I hope you find some of these gift ideas helpful. If you have any recommendations you’d like to share with me, I’d love to hear them? Comment, or tweet me what your gift suggestions are!

D x

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