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A Little Bit of Relaxation

A Little Bit of Relaxation

Today couldn’t come at a quicker end because this week has totally drained me, both mentally and physically. I had my first assignment due in on Tuesday, which was a poster presentation for a new tourism subject (tourism investigations), and today I submitted my second assignment (which if I’m honest I don’t think went to great). Well, we shall see anyway. Overall it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and although I still have four more assignments left, I’m glad that those two are done and dusted! How are you getting on with yours? I hope they are treating you kindly! Aside from uni, and work I’ve also been a bit under the weather this week and not feeling too good (thank you immune system for a low acceptance tolerance).

After a very hectic week I’m so excited to have penciled in some relaxation time! Uni, work and everything else people have got going on in life, often make time fly by so fast, and if you don’t give yourself a break every once in a while, it can start to drive you crazy. So make sure you schedule in some relaxation time – doctors orders!

Most of my chill out time is quite normal. Me and my boyfriend will look for something on Netflix to watch, not decide on anything, and then probably play some video games. However, tomorrow night is going to be different and way exciting because…. I’m going to have a bath!

A bath you might wonder? You’re getting excited over a bath?!


Believe me, I was telling my friends about the excitement and even they thought it was peculiar. Six months ago, my family moved house and the house we moved into has only got a shower, so tomorrow night I’m going to take my heavenly scented bath salts over to my sister’s house and enjoy a well-earned bath, all for me (yay). I probably won’t take the candles though. Last time that I decided to get candle happy around the bath, a towel ended up being half burned…

Aside from a lovely hot bath the rest of the night will be a film, maybe sticking on some music and getting wanderlust over my Lonely Planet magazines, and of course indulging in some yummy treats. I don’t watch many TV shows, purely because of time constraints and busy schedule, but over Christmas I’m looking forward to catching up on American Horror Story Hotel, some wildlife documentaries and good old Christmas specials. I’ll probably re-watch the entire Game of Thrones box set for good measure too.

Overall a little TLC and relaxation is beneficial to feeling happier and de-stressing. It will help you to feel a bit more sane after a busy week, or if you’ve not been feeling to well.

Hope you all have a lovely week – there’s only 2 weeks left of this term! I seriously can’t comprehend where the time has gone…

Let me know what you do to relax?

D x