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How to be a Packing Wizard

How to be a Packing Wizard

Packing for a trip is one of the things that gets me most excited about the departure and also a tiny bit stressed. Weight restrictions and having to sumo sit on a suitcase in order for the zips to close, isn’t exactly what I’d call easy packing. But the more I travel, the better I’ve become, and while I wouldn’t call myself an expert is this department, I’ve learnt a few tips that I’d like to pass on and share with you guys.

For Tenerife, my luggage allowance is 15kg, which personally I find manageable, but I’m sure for some people it might seem a little too, well little. Luckily for this trip my baggage will be checked in (hopefully without any excess kgs) but I still have to pack as light as possible! So here’s my top tips to be a packing wizard:

Check the weather before you arrive 

Always check the weather! Doing a bit of research on the country or areas you’ll be travelling to is a great starting point for knowing what to bring. There are an abundance of weather apps on phones, and a quick Google search will tell you the different climates. Tenerife is beautifully warm at this time of year but the evenings and early mornings can be a little chilly. So although I’ve packed summery things, I’ve also included a few pairs of comfortable trousers and hoodies just in case. There’s always a chance of rain so having a foldaway rain jacket is a necessity. Especially since we’re leaving from the wintery wonderland of the UK and coming back to British weather.

Consider the activities you plan on doing and who you’re travelling with

Knowing what kind of things you’ll be doing in a destination is the most helpful when it comes to packing. If you plan on doing a lot of adventure activities or sports then of course having a sturdy but comfortable pair of shoes is essential. Again this goes hand in hand with doing research about where you’ll be travelling to, if you know what things are available to do, it’ll make it easier to decide what to bring.

Mix and match outfits

Especially for carry-on luggage and travelling for a little longer than a few days, taking clothes which you can mix-up a bit makes it that much easier and lighter. I always find getting everything out of my wardrobe that matches up to the weather, and trying on outfits helps me! For Tenerife I’m bringing a few nicer tops that will go with any of my shorts or trousers, a couple of dresses and one skirt. Also for the fashion conscious of us, we can always accessorise and bring a pretty necklace or scarf to jazz up outfits.

Oo extra tip for this point – pack items that are multifunctional! Having a scarf of sarong not only adds to an outfit, but can be used in so many different ways such as a beach cover-up, towel, dress, headscarf, cover-up for visiting religious sites, or just a scarf. I love these so much and take one wherever I travel and they take up no room at all!

Be a roller, not a folder

I cannot begin to tell you how much space and wrinkles are saved by rolling! Thats it, just roll and don’t fold.

Use packing cubes 

Packing cubes are my new best friend! I bought them on sale when shopping for a new carry-on case last year (after my disastrous over-packing caused my little cabin case to split). Since using these I’ve not looked back. You can roll your clothes in and condense them down into these little mesh bags and have lots more room, and you know exactly where to find things when it comes to unpacking or living out of the case… 

Comfortable items for flight 

For flights over a few hours, I always take a little kit of things in my hand luggage to make me feel more comfortable during the flight. A little bit of moisturiser, hand cream, a toothbrush – and a spare t-shirt for longer flights – make me feel that more refreshed. I always drink water on a flight to keep me hydrated, and fluffy socks and a good book are staple items in my hand luggage!

Always wear the heaviest things you plan on taking

Chunky boots and a coat in a carry-on? Erm, NO! Wearing your heaviest items of clothes/shoes will save you space, time, and potentially excess kgs fees!

Leave a little room

Try and keep some space in your case/backpack for any souvenirs or cute things you want to buy!

Remember the 100ml rule

Finally, remember that any liquids over 100ml cannot be taken onto the flight in your hand luggage! Liquids and gels under 100ml must all fit in a clear zip lock bag! If your luggage is checked in then its perfectly fine but make sure they are sealed in some sort of bag to avoid spillages. Although I do have checked luggage, I’m only including my moisturiser, makeup, cleansers, toothpaste, and sun cream into my liquids. I plan on buying everything else in Tenerife. Saving space and weight!

Hopefully these tips will have given you a few ideas for your own packing, and if you’re going on any trips soon have an amazing time! If you have any more suggestions to add to this list, I’d love to know them so just tweet me or comment below!

I’ll be boarding my flight in less than 24 hours, so I guess all that’s left to do is pack!

Have a great week!

D x


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