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The Suisse Life

The Suisse Life

Bonjour from Switzerland!!  I`m currently in the beautiful city of Geneva on a 4 day course trip! So far we are having the most amazing time here, apart from struggling to use a French/Swiss keyboard and having to log on and off every 10 minutes…got me writing at a snail’s pace!

Geneva is right up there at the top in my list of most beautiful cities visited, it is truly stunning! We arrived here on Wednesday afternoon and we leave tomorrow. Sad face. Yesterday was the most fun day, our lovely lecturers Pat and Gill had a surprise activity planned for us all that they wouldn’t let slip, but hinted it was something that they had never took students to do before. What had we let ourselves in for… ;)?

Trip Trap Escape


Welcome to Trip Trap!


waiting to go in

When we found out exactly what was planned everyone was ecstatic! We were split up into 3 small groups of 5/6 people, and each group were given 60 minutes to escape from a designated room, using clues and quirky ideas to get out! I won’t go into too many details about it, since it’s one of those things where it’s best left to the imagination and it could ruin the experience for someone else. What I can tell you is we did get out somehow (yay), otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post now… go team brotherhood! We have an Escape Room in Birmingham – right by Snow Hill Station! I’d highly recommend it as a fun and unusual activity to do with friends, family or as a quirky works outing. An amazing morning!


Escape live – “I’m a UCB student get me outta hereeee”


Team Brotherhood!

After Trip Trap, Pat and Gill had arranged for us all to take part in a walking tour of Geneva. The weather was beautiful and made it quite enjoyable trying to navigate to our walking tour meeting point. Once we finally made it, we were taken around to visit various sites in the city to learn about the history and culture of Geneva.


A few cheeky poses on the way to our walking tour


The Flower Clock


Check out the mountain views!


Reformation Wall



Lake Geneva – so beautiful!

Also you cannot go to Geneva without drooling every five minutes. Switzerland is well known for its chocolate and everywhere you walk, lots of shops draw you in with the signs ‘Chocolat’ above it. You cannot be on a diet or give up the sweet treats if you decide to travel to Switzerland, and with it being so close to Easter, every shop window is decorated with gorgeous chocolate bunnies and chicks!


Too cute to eat!

Last night Nicole and I went to Palais des Nations, The United Nations Office, to pose with the Broken Chair monument, before venturing down to Carouge for some yummy food – the French Fries were hands down the best I’ve ever tasted! I’m so excited for today’s adventures, because me and some of the girls have planned to take a trip up to the mountains for lunch and a little hike – yayyy!!



This must be what the ‘Borrowers’ felt like

I’ve been sharing a few pictures on the tourism Instagram page and if you want to see what we’ve been up to in Switzerland, or what the aviation students have been up to in Amsterdam, give it a follow!

Are you excited for a long Easter break, what have you got planned?

D x

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