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An August Wedding

An August Wedding

How was your bank holiday weekend? I hope it was fun-filled and happy! Mine was filled with family, prosecco, laughter and love. My brother got married to his long-term girlfriend and after a wait of almost two years the day came around ever so quickly. There wasn’t a minute of the day where we weren’t doing something, it passed so quickly, I wish I could do it all over again.

The wedding was celebrated in our hometown on the ground floor of a Victorian arcade amongst the independent fashion, vintage, homeware and gift shops. The night before was like Christmas Eve with all the excitement, both of our families trundled up to the arcade and spent four hours decorating it with bunting, fairy lights, candles and flowers. It turned out so well and looked immaculate, it was such a unique venue but I can’t imagine their wedding to have taken place anywhere else.

I thought I would share my outfit as it will give a insight into the day. My dress was from a boutique in Camdem, London. I visited my sister when she was living there a long time ago and I found this dress under one of the boutiques under the viaducts. The label in the dress states the designer is called Purplish, London. I had never heard of this designer before but after research I’ve found they have a shop in London and an online shop which you can visit here, Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have my dress on their website so it may not be available anymore. I only paid £15 for it at the time and originally intended on wearing it for my sister’s graduation which I did, but because I love it so much I didn’t think there was much point in only wearing it once!

I knew I wanted blue shoes to match the dress however I actually wanted cobalt blue shoes but for the life in me I could not find any shoes that I liked anywhere. I can safely say there was a great sigh of relief when I found these shoes in New Look, I think the pale blue works really well with the dress and may be more wedding appropriate. I knew I didn’t want any heels that were too high as I ended up wearing them for 12 hours! They are also patent but you can’t tell too much in the photo, I couldn’t find them on the website so they must not be available any longer.

My clutch bag was a very last minute purchase, time got the better of me and it wasn’t till three days before the wedding that I realised I still hadn’t got a clutch bag. It worked out really well though because I am in love with this bag, I found this lovely little thing in Debenhams sale! You can find it here, This is a Miss KG clutch and the name of it is ‘Tobi’ it was originally £45 but it was reduced to £25 and luckily I had a £15 voucher so I only paid £10, I’m such a bargain betty! On one wrist I wore my Pandora bracelet and on the other wrist I wore my corsage, it made me feel so special. I picked the colours myself and I’ve kept it, I don’t want to part with it! I am also wearing a Pandora ring, all of my jewellery was a gift therefore I am not sure of the prices exactly.

For my hair and makeup, I tried to keep it very elegant and simple. I put heated rollers in my hair to create voluminous curls that would last all day which I then styled with a sparkly clip to match my bag. I wore neutral eyeshadows with lovely fluttery lashes and MAC lipstick in the colour ‘Angel’,

Hope you liked it!

Emilia x

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