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An Insight into Digital Marketing at UCB

An Insight into Digital Marketing at UCB

I’ve seen a lot of you freshers asking about the Digital Marketing degree at UCB, particularly on the freshers’ Facebook page, and you’ve been left without answers. Why? Because it’s a relatively new course and I’m one of the only students to have completed it, albeit as a top-up degree so my experiences may vary from those taking it as a full degree course – but here’s an insight nevertheless!

The modules:

  • Creative Digital Innovation – Creating your own digital product concept



I enjoyed this module a lot! Basically, we had to create our own digital innovation concept (I chose a mobile phone application) and write about it in a report, how it would work, the target audience, brand and so on. The more exciting part about this module was the ‘Dragons’ Den’ style pitch of the product. Exactly as you’d think – we had to present the concept in front of the lecturers, explain how much investment we would need and why, make projections for revenue and how we would market the product with a focus on digital marketing streams.

  • Digital Planning and Analytics – How to plan your digital presence and the necessary tools in doing so

This module was a lengthy one. It involved a long report and a group presentation. Personally, I prefer to work on my own, so I didn’t enjoy this module as much, but different people work in different ways. The module involved taking Ryanair as a case study and suggesting new digital areas they could exploit and making a plan around it. I suggested a digital game to win free holidays. Other areas of focus included digital frameworks to monitor progress, such as key performance indicators.

  • Brand Management – How brands manage their digital presence

Again, this module involved a report and a group presentation. The group presentation went a lot better this time around (I learnt from mistakes in the first presentation) so the module was a lot more enjoyable. For the report we had to take a case study digital organisation (I chose Compare The Market) and explain how companies can manage their brand and how it comes across to consumers. This involved things such as the design elements moving all the way through to how they are perceived online. The presentation was centred around ‘Brit Kids’ a live case study organisation from a man launching his own brand who came in to lectures to present to us. The live example made the module a lot more enjoyable.

  • Managing Online Communities – Creating a Facebook community(option module)

Possibly my favourite module of the course! If this module is still available I would recommend you choose it as an option. We had to create a Facebook community page and build it from scratch! This involved content creation, marketing and watching the page grow through both organic and paid methods. The insight into Facebook as a marketing tool was great experience for me and my page ended up growing to more than 1,000 likes and I’ve decided to keep it up to this day! The other element was a reflective blog detailing each week what you’ve learnt and how it will help you moving forward.

  • Marketing Showcase – Creating your own digital innovation and presenting it (40 credit module)


Finally, the big one! The showcase. This is a 40 credit module so it’s vital that you prepare early. Much like the creative digital innovation module, it involves creating your own digital product concept (and even taking it forward with a prototype if possible) and presenting it in a showcase style event – almost like a trade show! I created a food directory application concept with a twist. The module involves a large 5,000 word research project/dissertation style report and the actual trade show style event. It’s a lot of fun but a lot of hard work too – so prepare early. Remember it’s a double module at 40 credits, so could be the difference between one grade and the next one up!

Overall, I was delighted when UCB announced the top-up degree in Digital Marketing. It’s a growing industry and I wanted to be the first to gain the degree moving forward and it didn’t disappoint! Before I leave – some tips for achieving the best mark:

  • Prepare in advance! Particularly for the showcase
  • Use digital examples in all of your work
  • For group work, meet up regularly and practice, practice, practice your presentations!

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