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Decorating Your Dorm Room

Decorating Your Dorm Room

Hello, everyone! I hope your week has been amazing and you’re all settled in now and ready for uni (I certainly never feel ready to go back to uni haha)! As I promised last week, I am going to show you my dorm room since I’ve finally finished sorting it out.

I live in the UCB accommodation named Cambrian Hall, which is right across the street from UCB. I chose this because of the location – how close it is to the university as well as the main shops and nightclubs. It is perfect for those who would like to live right in the centre of the city. I share the bathroom with one of my friends but the rooms are completely separate. I need my space sometimes so I definitely wanted a room just for me.

This is my last year at university and instead of clutter, I went with simplicity. I decided to only put out a few bits and bobs that are useful (and look cute, of course). When it’s all full of decorations it just makes my head hurt and you cannot focus on your assignments if your head hurts haha.

I got some file organisers from John Lewis (they were on sale for £2!) but I suggest buying them from Tiger or Card Factory instead as they’re super cheap there! I also got a fruit bowl from Tiger to keep it all together and looking nice. If you like to do your make-up every day like I do then definitely get some sort of a make-up organiser so it’s not all over the place haha! I got mine from an Estonian shop (Jysk) but I’ve recently seen some at Tiger and they don’t cost too much! I also suggest getting a reed diffuser as in most dorms you are not allowed to burn candles (because it’s a fire hazard). This way you can still keep your room smelling fantastic!

I also put together a list of shops where you can get the best and cheap things for uni!

  • Primark: bedding, towels, candles, other decor, fairy lights, stationery, laundry basket
  • Tiger: stationery, fairy lights
  • Card Factory: stationery, candles, picture frames, planners, reed diffusers
  • Poundland: baking trays, stationery, planners, snacks
  • Lidl: shower stuff, food
  • Tesco: cutlery, plates, pans
  • Amazon: tech stuff

I hope this helped you to get some inspiration for your dorm room! If you go to any of the shops mentioned and buy something, be sure to tweet me! I would love to see what things you’d like to decorate your room with!

– Helina x

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