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Travelling Education

Travelling Education

Hello, how was your induction this week?

On Tuesday morning I had mine, and it has started to sink in that this is the last one. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that…where have the last two years gone?

If you’re also a third year student, it is super important to start thinking about the next stages soon (sounds crazy when you have dissertation brain to contend with eh?) Many of us have no plan for life after graduation, but no worries ‘cos I have you covered. Throughout this year I will do my very best to give you as much info about all the choices possible 🙂 .

I don’t have a mapped out plan yet either. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure on exactly what to do; but that’s ok. Time is one thing we are guaranteed, and there is plenty of it to go around for now. There is something I am certain on however. Once that final hurdle of second semester is over with, I will be venturing off to (hopefully) sunnier climates in search of new adventures.


Adventure is out there

Travel is sooo special to me. Yes.. I love to visit new destinations, soak up cultures, eat as much weird and wonderful food as possible, meet beautiful people, get lost in towns I’ve never been too, and all the other magical reasons why thousands of people love to travel! Except travelling is extra special for other reasons too. It inspired my education! It’s the basis of my love for tourism, and travel is the reason I am doing my degree today!

I once read that ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. Considering I hated school, going to uni was a huge step and I was terrified. Bursting the comfort bubble of a familiar, boring routine and heading into the unknown is one of the greatest courage boostings ever! Travel opens the door to endless possibilities and opportunities, for me it was a chance for education and it has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!


A window of opportunities

It’s incredibly important to challenge yourself to new things. True, it can be scary at first but you might just fall in love with something extra special for you, and it will change your whole perspective! I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and take a new journey. You don’t need to travel far and wide or set out on a worldly adventure living out of a backpack. The beautiful thing about travel is that you do it your own style.That could be a journey to the local market, a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a city two hours from where you live, exploring the Amazonian Jungle… I have a friend who had never surfed before, but once she had a taster in the ocean back in January she fell in love with the sport and it influenced her whole summer. She relocated to Cornwall and worked and surfed in the UK, doing something she became head over heels in love with! Travel is a personal experience and I can guarantee you will find something you are passionate about!

I realise you may get to the bottom of this post and perhaps think what was the point? But travel inspired education has been something I have been thinking about for a long time and it made sense to share my thoughts with you, even if this makes no sense whatsoever. I suppose I feel sad that this journey will be ending in nine months time, but then again I’m extremely lucky and grateful to have the chance to be living my dreams (#deep).

How has travelling inspired you? I want to know!

Enjoy the first week back and congratulations to everyone graduating on Monday, you should be so proud!

Love Deb x


The world is your oyster!

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