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A Cosy Retreat

A Cosy Retreat


The evenings are my favourite time of the day, especially when I’ve had a 9-5 day and my brain is frazzled with assignments and dissertation talk! I love coming back to my little room, brewing a cup of tea, putting on The Great British Bake Off and just relaxing. I have never been a typical student that goes out every night, I enjoy my home comforts too much!

What I enjoy the most about returning to uni after summer, is decorating my bedroom. I live in private student halls and I have the same room since last year so I am very comfy here! I like to make my room very cosy and personal so it is like a home away from home.

To make your room more personal, first of all I recommend lots of photos. If you live in private halls some say that you cannot have anything on the walls due to staining, so if that’s the case don’t put anything up at all or they may dock your deposit! If they are slightly more lenient use white tack and that way there is less of  chance of staining, however, you may get a large notice board anyway which you can use for photos. I also feel that photos are a good icebreaker with new flatmates as they can create conversation.

You will notice that I have my bed set up with the cushions at the side of the bed rather than at the top, this is because your room is not just a place to sleep but it is a living space, so I set my bed up like a little sofa. That way when you have people over it’s a bit less awkward sitting in someone’s bed. It also encourages me to not spend all my time laid in bed, but that’s just me! I have a wide selection of cushions and none of them match but that doesn’t matter to me, I don’t buy things that match – I buy things that I like which make me happy. I also have a couple of strings of fairy lights, this is because I like cosy lighting. I feel that my main room light is too harsh, so I generally use my lamp as it gives a very warm hue and I’ll pop on my fairy lights too.

Furthermore, I like to have lots of trinkets because most things that I have are gifts from people – for example, most of my books are from my mum, my metallic ‘E’ is from my dad and the black photo frame is from my boyfriend. Having these helps me recall happy memories. I also make sure that I have a kettle in my room for tea emergencies, you never know when you’ll be in dire need of a brew and the kitchen is just too far away!

Hope you like it!

Emilia x

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