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The Masters Intern Programme

The Masters Intern Programme

So today was my first day as a masters student in Enterprise Management, and surprisingly it felt much like being a fresher again. With a masters degree comes a whole new level of commitment than before, but thankfully my previous years of study, particularly at UCB, have prepared me well!

My timetable has increased from two days last year to three days this year. On top of that I’m completing the masters intern programme, so i’ll be working a further two days – it’s like a full-time job! But it’s a great opportunity so I’m glad I took it on.

What are the main differences between a masters programme and undergraduate programmes?

Well, really, not that much! The workload will most certainly increase but the same UCB environment is still present, with a few additional bonuses!

Credit – UCB

Last year I found computer rooms often very populated, so it was important to arrive early to secure a computer. This year, I have access to the postgraduate only study areas in McIntyre house which means I’m almost always guaranteed a computer, so that’s great. Other than that, the facilities are quite similar.

Thinking about studying a masters?

Credit – UCB

It’s hard to say for certain if you should do a masters degree, and it’s too early for me to convince you, but my first impressions are good. The masters intern programme UCB offer persuaded me – it really is an opportunity you cannot miss.

To put it briefly, in return for a specified number of hours of work over the course of the year, UCB pay for your masters degree, which means your full postgraduate loan is for yourself! On top of that, you’ll get a huge amount of experience working for an established university, perfect for the CV! I’ve been placed in the masters department in line with my future career aspirations so that’s great.

If you’re interested in checking out the programme, click here to find out more.

The requirements:

  • Must have been awarded a 2:1 or first class degree from UCB within the last year
  • Must be enrolled on a full-time masters programme
  • Must be a UK or EU national

After completing your undergraduate degree, I would definitely recommend applying for this masters internship if you would like to continue your study. The right candidates also have potential to further the internship into a full-time role at UCB – further incentive to take advantage of!


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