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That talk…

That talk…

Imagine you have the fairest complexion, the gingeriest hair and the most freckly, sun-burn-susceptible skin on the planet and your boyfriend/girlfriend asks you to lie in the sun for hours with absolutely no skin protection such as sun block on. What would you say? Surely you would say that’s crazy, I need protection!

Humans need protection to survive; we need clothes, shelter, the law – the list could go on but what some people seem to forget is sexual protection. Us Brits have a reputation for being prudish, with our tight upper lips as they say, except I feel in modern day Britain sex is everywhere! Film, TV, music, magazines, books, internet, newspapers and let’s face it everyone is doing it. Your parents have done it, your grandparents, your friends, maybe even your siblings (if they’re over 16, obviously!) but what the media, and sometimes the people around us tend to forget to mention, is that sex and contraception come hand in hand.


26th September marked National Contraception Day, a day for young people to become more aware of contraception in order to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health. For more information, please refer to their website:

As I was brought up in a Catholic primary and high school the only “sex education” we had was in religious studies and we were taught that sex should only be performed if you were married and were planning on making babies, therefore contraception is unnecessary. However, in this day and age is that realistic? No, it is not, so we need to know our options and as a woman I recommend on never relying on the boy to be organised. It takes two to tango! You can find lots of helpful information on what your options are on the Your Life, National Contraception Day Pinterest board.

There are 16 different types of contraception that all work in different ways. The NHS website will help you to decide which contraception is best for you and luckily contraception is free if you go through the NHS. Obviously, if you buy condoms over the counter they aren’t free but be aware you can get condoms for free at sexual health clinics. Furthermore, Birmingham is teeming with sexual health clinics! I searched on the NHS website and there over 700 results so I’m sure you could find a suitable one. See more here. You mustn’t be embarrassed about going to a sexual health clinic, it’s completely confidential and if you are embarrassed just think of me; one time I attended the sexual health clinic and the nurse recognised my surname as she was one of my dad’s ex-girlfriends…cringe.

Sex occurs in many ways whether it’s a long-term relationship, a short-term relationship, a one night stand, an impulsive moment or a planned event, that’s for your information, no one’s here to judge! Although it is a natural act, just be aware of your body because who knows that might happen to it without that contraception!

Hope this was helpful and interesting!

Emilia x

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