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Positive Minds

Positive Minds

I was waiting for a late afternoon class on Tuesday, browsing through my Twitter feed when it happened. My head started spinning, my heart began racing and it felt as if the walls were closing in. Considering I don’t drink alcohol this was the closest feeling to a hangover / sicky feeling I’d felt in a lonnng time. I instantly dashed down the stairs and outside to try to escape an oncoming panic attack.  The fresh air helped me to calm down, and I called my best friend (who luckily lives close by) who came to my rescue.

The past few weeks I’ve felt pretty crappy, things have been extremely hectic – trying to cram in a month’s worth of work into seven days, and personal issues have kind of taken their toll. I don’t intend to have a moan ‘cos I know there are lots of students who feel exactly the same or worse, and I’m sharing this with in hope that anyone reading will not feel alone.

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In my experience the key mechanism to feeling more at ease when anxiety strikes is knowing who you can speak to. I get that it’s not easy to open up to people. One thing I worry about constantly is judgement and this in turn makes it harder to open up to someone else as I worry about being judged, which of course leads to a vicious cycle of constant anxiety. Keeping things bottled up for ages isn’t beneficial to you at all! Sometimes you so badly want to talk but the hardest thing is finding the courage to start a conversation…

Having a notebook or somewhere to jot my thoughts down at night has been helpful (especially when trying to sleep). A million and one things racing round in your head all night is bound to keep you restless, groggy and unproductive, but writing every little thought or emotion down helps to get it out of your head. I wish my notebook would have answers for me and while it really does help to ease a few worries, it’s not the same as having somebody physically to talk to.


So I want to help! A few friends and I have started a new society at UCB called Positive Minds. We aren’t professionals or trained in mental health, however, but we want to help anybody at UCB who may feel anxious, stressed, worried etc. As a person who is ‘frenemies’ with anxiety I know the struggle that comes with feeling alone and we want this society to be a place all students can turn to. Next Thursday we are having our first meet-up at 12noon in McIntyre House room 251. It’s friendly and informal, a place where you can come and chat, have some snacks and talk to us about anything that is bothering you. Our overall aim is to help you to feel a little more positive! You don’t even have to come to talk about things you are worried about – come along even if you just want to make new friends.

(download posters here) a4-poster / alt-poster

One thing we’re eager to do is to hold workshops during the year alongside charities or organisations, each focusing on specific things that worry you and to help students feel aware of things going on.

There’s a few contact numbers here that will be of benefit if you need help during the night, or to speak to someone anonymously.

One final thought I want to leave you with…

Don't worry about thing. Every little thing, is gonna be alright-2.png

…it really will be!

Love Debby x

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