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Stressed Out?

Stressed Out?

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and cannot wait for the weekend to begin! However, if you have felt a bit stressed about all the uni work or about anything else, I totally feel you.

This week I have been given an uncountable number of assignment remits and my head just wants to explode. Weekly case studies? Seminars? Reports? Essays? Presentations? It can all get a bit too much when it all gets thrown at you at once. But don’t worry, we’re all in this together (yes, this was an High School Musical reference, don’t judge me haha).

1. Write It All Down

Whenever I get all these assignments given to me, I take a step back to write them all down in my diary so I actually have an overview of the deadlines rather than trying to make sense of it all in my head. This helps me prioritise what needs to be done first. Take one step at a time (yes, this is a song reference… again).


2.  Take a Break and Read

Take a break from it all afterwards because otherwise your brain will turn into mushy peas and you definitely do not want that, trust me! Come back to it all later and take out your first assignment and look at what you need to do. Just look, you don’t even have to do anything else! This will help you realise that it’s probably not all that bad. Also, next time you go to the library you will know exactly which resources to get.

3. No Last Minute Work!

Don’t leave your assignments until last minute. There is nothing more stressful than trying to come up with 2,500 words in one evening. It’s just not good! This will also most likely affect the quality of your work and imagine how disappointed you’d be to get a really bad grade. Start a few weeks early and do it in your own pace. Maybe one page per day. Whatever works best for you.

4. Celebrate!

Once you’ve completed it all in time (hopefully way before the deadline), celebrate! You’ve done it! All the hard work has paid off and you’ve successfully managed to do your assignment, you are amazing! Have some chocolate, maybe even some pizza and ice cream if you think you’ve worked extra hard this time. Watch your favourite film in bed and don’t forget to submit the assignment! Don’t celebrate for too long because you probably have another assignment to be working on – but that will be a piece of cake!

I hope this helped you to feel less alone in this assignment stress. We’ve all been there and I am currently overloaded with work. But that’s okay! If you’re busy it means you’re doing something with your life. Take it easy on yourself.

– Helina x

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