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Three Ways to Help You Find a Student Job

Three Ways to Help You Find a Student Job

Moving on from the ‘Supporting Yourself as a Student‘ blog post last week…we mentioned cutting costs amongst other things, and getting a job as one way to fund the lifestyle that you’re used to at home. A job is essential with the added financial strain that living away from home brings – and here’s how to land one in no time at all!

  • The world wide web is a great resource – use it!
Browse the net
Browse the net

There’s a number of job websites out there, some even with a student focus. One website that I’ve used (and a number of other students) is Indeed. This is the ‘go to’ website I’ll use when looking for a job, whether that’s a part-time student job or a full-time graduate position. Why? Because of its popularity with employers (meaning more jobs are advertised), ease of use and quick apply feature.

With Indeed you can simply search keywords relevant to the job you want to find, filter it by distance, recently added and so on. What’s more, you can upload your CV and ‘quick apply’ to relevant jobs making the process a lot easier than manually applying for each and every job.

  • Make use of the generous printing credits allowance
Get creative! Credit - London Town
Get creative! Credit – London Town

Last year of the (I believe..) £25 printing credit allowance I was given, I used probably £10 of it. Why is that relevant, you’re probably asking… Well, it means that I could have printed out hundreds of CVs and handed them around Birmingham, or even got creative and stood outside a train station handing them out, like this guy… at Waterloo Station in London. New Street anyone?! You can do just that!

The best thing about handing CVs out is that it’s much quicker than manually going through long job adverts and often employers will keep your CV on record even if they’re not hiring, so there’s always a chance of a call out of the blue – it could even result in having two jobs! There’s enough to go round.

Get hired with help of UCB!
Get hired with help of UCB!

Hired is here to help students and even graduates of UCB. They offer a number of ways to help you ‘get hired’ including a jobshop, Unitemps, work experience and volunteering. You can follow them on twitter @UCBHired to keep up to date with vacancies. If you pop into the 7th floor of Summer Row you’ll find them and they’re very helpful when it comes to employment! Alternatively they can be emailed at

Good luck in your search for employment! And do remember, for every job vacancy there are usually tens or even hundreds of applicants so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a job straight away! Persevere and you’ll be earning in no time at all.


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