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TV Series and Films!

TV Series and Films!

Hello, guys! I hope that you’re doing amazingly well and that you’re just as excited for reading week as I am! Although reading weak is mainly for studying, we all deserve little TV show breaks sometimes. If you’re stuck finding a series to watch, then look no further because I’ve got your back!

1. Stranger Things

This is one of the most unique and creative TV shows I’ve ever watched. It mainly focuses around a young boy’s disappearance and figuring out whether it was some terrifying force that caused it or not. There are so many twists and those ‘AHHH’ moments when you’re sat at the edge of your seat. I can’t even quite explain how many times I was like ‘I did NOT see that coming!’ and that’s what makes it so good. It can have some scary bits so be aware of that, but I wouldn’t say it’s a jumpy horror. It’s definitely top of my list so check it out!

(Source: Behance)

2. Made in Chelsea

This is one of those shows people would say is a “guilty pleasure” as it’s a reality TV show. I just honestly find it so entertaining seeing other people’s lives because it takes you away from all the assignment stress that we have at the moment haha! It’s just nice to watch something that does not require a lot of effort and you can just let your brain relax and enjoy the drama of other people’s lives. It’s all about the lives of young and wealthy twenty-somethings who live in London. Check it out of you need something easy to watch!

o-made-in-chelsea-facebook(Source: Platform Online)

3. Pretty Little Liars

If you’re not already obsessed with this TV show then this is the perfect time to start. It’s all based around a girl from a friendship group going missing and the rest of the girls receiving mysterious text messages from ‘A’. The most horrifying things happen to the girls of the group but the show also involves funny, scary and romantic bits. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already! I’m obsessed…

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There are also SO many amazing films you could check out as well if TV series aren’t really your thing. My favourite films are thrillers and these are the ones that I have watched recently and loved:

  • Shutter Island – the most mind-blowing thriller. Ever. You might watch it and think you know what’s going up but you don’t. Trust me. You won’t even see it coming. Also, who doesn’t appreciate Leonardo Di Caprio’s acting? It’s a must-watch!
  • The Imitation Game – I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t be telling you too much but this is an interesting one as it follows real life events. At the end it provides facts about the situation. It is interesting and kind of scary to see what the world used to be like and the story line is extremely thrilling.
  • Inception – another amazing thriller with Leonardo Di Caprio. I just can’t get enough! This is a story about going to different stages of dreams and trying to realise what is real and what is not. Throughout the story it makes you feel like you know more and more about what is going on, but at the end you realise – you really don’t.
  • Ex Machina – this is for you if you like something a bit more futuristic. The story is about creating a very human-like machine. Of course, it’s not just about that but I don’t want to tell you too much! It’s funny, scary, romantic, thrilling and everything in between.
  • Zodiac – if you like a crime type of a thriller, then this one is for you. Definitely once again had no idea what was gonna happen at any point of the film.

I hope this helps you to find you some new TV shows or films to watch during reading week or the weekend! Have an amazing week guys! Make the most of it!

– Helina x

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