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Hello, everyone! I hope you are well and have enjoyed your reading week more than ever. I’ve spent my reading week in Loughborough and although I’d love to explore this beautiful town, I’ve been drowning in work. There are so many assignments to complete and barely enough time! However, this week has made me think about confidence, whether it’s how you see yourself or how you feel within.

When you walk down the streets, everyone looks like they’ve got their life together. You might see people rushing somewhere, some people laughing with their friends and couples holding hands. It all might seem like everyone else has this confidence within themselves. It might seem like everything is perfect for the people around you. Well, that is simply not true, and it doesn’t have to be.

People often struggle with confidence. One of the issues is body confidence, or how you generally see yourself. Some days you might not like your skin, some days it feels like your hair is simply not co-operating, some days you might dislike your body and some days those brows are simply not sleek enough. The thing you need to realise is that everybody, yes I mean everybody, feels like this at some point. Everybody gets insecure sometimes, and it’s okay. It’s okay not to feel like everything about you is perfect 24/7, because it doesn’t have to be. Us humans are perfectly imperfect and it’s okay.

Having insecurities doesn’t have to ruin your confidence. Accept the flaws. Your hair looks like it’s been blown around by wind for a year? Oh well! One of your brows looks like it’s turning into a rainbow? Doesn’t matter – brows are supposed to be sisters (or brothers) not twins anyway! Something about your body just simply does not feel right today? That’s okay too, because everybody feels insecure about something. Accept your flaws and feel confident.

Enjoy the happy moments in life. There’s only one of you out there and that makes you pretty special.

These are some of the happiest moments of my year so far. Don’t let your insecurities overtake your happiness.

– Helina x