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The Joy of Assignments

The Joy of Assignments

We’re all guilty of leaving our assignments until the last minute and panicking over whether or not we’ll meet the deadlines – in a way it’s all part and parcel of being a university student! But ideally, we’d like to get them done way in advance. Whether or not that happens is a completely different story.

Over my years at university I’ve gotten much better at preparing for assignments which allows me to get them done in a much shorter space of time and to a better standard, so here’s some tips to share:

  • Think early
Get thinking early!
Get thinking early!

Get thinking about your assignment from the minute it’s launched. Often you’ll have to choose a case study organisation or scenario and for me, choosing it early helps massively. If you choose your options wisely, you can begin to think and apply what you’re learning to your assignment during lectures and seminars which helps moving forward with the assignment. Preparation like this is key.

  • Relate and apply back

Linking back to the last tip, if you know exactly what situation you’re going to be writing about, you can relate and apply everything you learn back to your chosen case study organisation. Learning theory during lectures and seminars can seem like a lot to take in, but if you begin to note down how the theory relates to your chosen organisation you’ll be able to apply it into your assignments with ease. Top tip: Choose an organisation with lots of material available online – it makes like so much easier! And gives you a load more sources to reference. Referencing is crucially important!

  • Prepare your materials
Much like a tax return - have your materials ready for inspection!
Much like a tax return – have your materials ready for inspection!

I like to get my assignments done in one go, over a period of days. It means I can concentrate more and not have to keep readjusting as I come back to the assignment and try to remember what I’ve done and where I’m heading. For me, this works, but for you, you might like to get it done bit by bit. Either way, preparing your materials can save a lot of hassle. Instead of having hundreds of tabs open with slideshows, articles, online books and so on, I prefer to have my materials printed out in front of me. I find it much easier to refer to something paper-based than flicking through tabs and getting lost. Alternatively, having two windows open side by side can be a godsend.

Essentially, having your materials prepared in front of you can save you time searching for old print-outs and getting lost in a pile of paper or a screen full of open windows! Less time wasted means more time spent on your assignment.

  • Get in the zone
What better for motivation?
What better for motivation?

This is my number one tip. Block out all distractions and get in the zone. “What is the zone?” You’re asking. The zone is different for everyone! The zone for me is the assignment, my materials and a load of drinks and snacks! I have no other distractions – that means turning off my music, TV, putting my phone to one side and concentrating on the task in hand.

Follow these tips from today and get your assignments done to a first class standard!

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