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Vintage Hobbies

Vintage Hobbies

I recently had to change my glasses prescription because my eyesight has got two steps worse, my optician explained that more students than ever are short sighted because we are constantly staring at our devices and we are not exercising our eye muscles properly. I was shocked that my eyesight got so much worse so quickly, it was only around a year and half!

I decided that I needed a hobby that doesn’t require electronic devices. In a world that relies on electronic devices I feel more people need to find a hobby that keeps them away from their laptops, phones, tablets and so on! It amazes me how quickly the world is changing; it’s nice to sit back with something relaxing.

I came across Spirograph art, I have always been creative and have enjoyed making patterns and drawings, I particularly like mandalas and geometric prints. I did Art & Design A – Level, I do miss making all sorts of art weekly like I did when I was in college. My mum told me how she used to have a Spirograph when she was young and she loved it, I was curious if they still made the kits.

A Spirograph kit is a geometric drawing toy that was invented by a British engineer called Denys Fisher in 1965, the kit produces mathematical curves and circles technically known at hypertrochoids and epitrochoids. I have no idea what that really means I just know they’re really pretty! Above are a couple of my practice designs, I created these using the design guide booklet that came with the kit. I haven’t quite worked out my own designs just get, I’m still a beginner.

If you’re a creative person I definitely recommend  getting into spirographs, its really relaxing and satisfying seeing the designs come to light. The kit is portable so you can do it anywhere, I usually do mine on an evening with a cup of tea, of course! But I might start doing them on the train, I seem to spend my life on trains and I usually watch telly on my tablet therefore this would be the perfect opportunity.

I bought my kit from Toys R Us but I know they also sell kits at Argos too. My designs aren’t perfect but I’m just I have found something that keeps me busy that doesn’t turn me into a square-eyed couch potato!

Hope this was interesting!

Emilia x

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