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A Christmassy Getaway

A Christmassy Getaway

My sister and I team up every year to get our Christmas presents for our family, and every year we try to go to a different city to do our shopping. My sister recently moved to London, therefore we decided to do our shopping in London this year, and unbeknown to me my sister had organised a festive filled weekend for me – she knows how much I love Christmas. Here’s what we got up to…


First thing we did was get breakfast on Carnaby Street. We went to a place called The Diner which I believe has a few restaurants around the UK. Both my sister and I had red velvet pancakes with a creamy sauce, maple syrup and berries and a peanut butter milkshake and our friend had a breakfast burrito. It was delicious and quite reasonably priced too!

15556401_10154374511086713_38637972_o15502684_10154374511271713_22028878_oThat evening my sister organised for us to attend a cinema event in Hackney, it was called Pop Up and I’m fairly certain it’s a nationwide event that usually takes place outdoors, but it’s December and that would be ridiculous so it was inside on this occasion. We both had Baileys Hot Chocolates and we watched my all time favourite film, Home Alone. Also, to enter the cinema we had to go through a makeshift winter wonderland with lots of Christmas trees and fake snow, it was great!


The next day the shopping commenced. We first went to Buckingham Palace’s gift shop as they’re so grand and magical around Christmas. We didn’t even buy anything, it’s just nice to look around. The above image is the Christmas tree that was in the gift shop, it was massive and was decorated with Royal Crowns. Then we went to Covent Garden to get some unique gifts. Whilst we were there we had a quick refreshment break at Hotel Chocolat for a mandarin and salted caramel hot chocolate.


That evening we went to a food place called BoxPark in Croydon. It’s like an indoor food festival with so many different types of street foods. We had Thai food which was delicious then we got some doughnuts and took these home to my sister’s to have with our evening cups of tea. They were amazing!

I really recommend London around Christmas time, there is so much to see and so much going on. Enough to get anyone’s festive feelings going!

Hope you found this interesting!

Emilia x

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