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Binge-watching Options

Binge-watching Options

To be honest, at this time of the semester I probably shouldn’t be encouraging you to binge watch but these winter rainy days have really helped me to get my money’s worth out of Netflix. I love Netflix, I watch Netflix more than normal television and as a student I find it is really worth paying for, plus it’s cheaper than paying for a television licence! Over the past three years of uni I have accumulated a list of my top 10 Netflix favourites that are a must-see in my opinion.

10. Love 

This show only has 10 episodes to the series and I honestly watched Image result for love netflixthe whole series in one day. It was great! It is about the two main characters, played by Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, who meet and try to be friends. As we all know from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ men and women can’t be friends. Therefore, we follow the couple’s awkward moments, good times and bad times. I don’t want to be a spoiler but I feel that the show has a very honest approach to what could be your bog standard rom com, this makes it very funny and easy watching.

9. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin PosterI really like Jane the Virgin because it’s different. Its about a devout catholic woman who discovers she is pregnant due to an accidental artificial insemination. Again this show is easy watching and is something to have on in the background. Its also kind of ridiculous so if you’re not into unrealistic comedies then I would not suggest this particular show. There is only the first series on Netflix which I am still working on but I believe there is a second series which I will definitely be binge watching when it is added.


8. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Poster

This show was made in 2000 and is set in the late 90s. It features Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and Melissa McCarthy. I first watched this show when I was in high school but I think I was too young to really appreciate the jokes but it is about a young mother and her daughter who live in Star Hollow, Connecticut. It is a drama I suppose but it seems funnier now I have re-watched it at this age. The show is notorious for the two girls speaking incredibly quickly so I think at times you do miss their humour but nonetheless I love a 90s show with a feel good factor.

7. Suits

Suits PosterI feel like I should be honest in saying I personally watch this show for the eye candy but I do appreciate that it is a really good show. This is an American law show with a twist as it follows the main character who is a college dropout and has no law degree or qualifications, but is incredibly intelligent and therefore gets hired by one of the best New York lawyers. I love programmes set in New York and I love law programmes so this was a no brainer for me, plus there is quite a few series on Netflix so you can binge watch for hours!

6. Community

Community Poster

Community is a really random show. I like it because it is so light-hearted and not serious at all but at the same time the humour is well thought out. Both myself, my 23-year-old sister and my 38-year-old brother love the show so you can tell it has a well-rounded audience. The show is about an ex-lawyer who has to enrol in community college and deal with the random, weird and eclectic staff and fellow students. This show also features Gillian Jacobs from ‘Love’ the previous show I talked about.

5. Planet Earth

Planet Earth PosterI watched the first episode of Planet Earth II the other day and I was fascinated therefore when I realised original Planet Earth, that was made 10 years earlier, was on Netflix I had to binge. Normally, I am not a huge nature documentary fan but it must be something to do with David Attenborough’s dulcet tones; I just get mesmerised. I think I find it more interesting as I am ever so intrigued about how they film it too, it must take years. Perhaps that’s why it took 10 years for the second show to come around!


4. Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux Picture

Any of Louis Theroux’s documentaries are a must watch. I have seen them all – Louis Theroux’s weird weekends, Louis Theroux, Louis Theroux LA Stories, The city addicted to Crystal Meth. You name it, I have watched it. He is the best filmmaker of all time in my opinion, I just find his documentaries absolutely fascinating and his awkward demeanour is just hilarious. He covers some controversial topics to say the least so it’s not for the faint-hearted. However,  I feel that he is sensitive to his topics and produces his documentaries in a tasteful way.

3. Luther

LLuther Posteruther is a BBC TV programme that features Idris Elba as a police detective/genius. This is a crime show which can be quite complex but obviously Luther always solves the crime. It is a really good TV programme because it has been very well thought out and is extremely creative. There are only a few episodes which makes me sad because it is so amazing I wish there were 100 more.


2. Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Poster

If you have not seen Orange is the New Black clearly you have been hibernating for the past three years. This show is fantastic! It follows a women who is arrested and sentenced to 15 months in prison following a crime she committed a decade ago. It follows her time in prison and how she deals with the trials and tribulations that come with her new living arrangements. The show is hilarious and is now on its fourth series, I personally think the first series is the best but I still love it. Furthermore, the show is actually based on a true story as the real Piper Chapman wrote a book about her time in prison and that’s how the show came about.

  1. The Good Wife

The Good Wife Poster

My sister went on and on about how I must watch The Good Wife but I put it off for ages as I just wasn’t that drawn in by it but my sister forced me to watch it and I was hooked. The show is about the wife of the former states attorney who is arrested due to a sex and corruption scandal, the wife then has no choice but to return to work as a litigator in a law firm where she works with an old college flame. This is my favourite show of all time on Netflix because it’s so juicy and intriguing and I cant resist it! Sometimes I find it hard to follow the law parts as they use a lot of technical jargon that I don’t understand however, it doesn’t put me off! I look forward to the end of the day just so I can come home and watch this programme, it’s amazing!

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