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A Student’s Guide to Secret Santa

A Student’s Guide to Secret Santa

There’s nothing better than a ‘Secret Santa’ and there’s always plenty of opportunity to take part! Whether it’s with your university mates or housemates, work friends or those back at home.

Secret Santa as a student is fun, mainly because the whole idea is to stick to a budget! By now you should have that down to a tee and the result? A perfectly executed anonymous gift!

For those struggling with ideas though, we’re here to help!

Which gift will you buy?
Which gift will you buy?

Here’s 10 gifts and all for under a tenner each, perfect for a student’s wallet and every personality type you could be given the task of buying for:

  • Macaroon purse – For those always at the biscuits!
  • Bacon salt – Transform the plainest of dishes into heaven on a plate
  • Huge wine glass – Pub measures just aren’t enough
  • Chocolate pills – The best form of medication
  • Book of excuses – Late coursework? You’re covered!
  • Lava lamp – The coolest invention on earth
  • Gift of nothing – For those that don’t deserve much more
  • Henry desk vacuum – For those with the messiest of desks
  • Google cardboard – Virtual reality through a cardboard device? cool or crazy?
  • Body spray gift set – To add to the hundred others you receive each year!

We hope you found our list of help to you! Who know’s, maybe you’ll receive one or two of them yourself if you don’t end up purchasing them for your designated other!

Happy shopping,


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