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You do You

You do You

Uni for me has been a funny old experience. I haven’t had the stereotypical uni experience and it has been extremely difficult at times! I was discussing with my lecturer the other day how much life changing uni is. She stated how she thinks sometimes lecturers take for granted how students settle in as they just focus on students’ studies. I must admit it took a lot for me to finally settle in…

In my first year I was put in a flat where there were 7 other girls; myself and one other girl were the only first years and we were the only first years in that particular building of the complex. There were also three second years and three third years, and although they were nice, we never became the best of friends. It’s peculiar how you can be living with 8 people but feel so alone.


Uni is supposed to be the best time of your life, so they say, so I was confused why I felt so miserable all the time. I never joined any societies because that’s not really my thing and when my flatmates were going out doing stuff, I rarely got invited so I began to come to the conclusion that it must be me. Whatever the case, I had never felt so lonely in my life and when you feel so lonely it’s like a vicious cycle, it makes you not want to actively seek out company.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a sociable person. At home I have a lot of friends so when the second year of uni rolled around, I can’t even describe how difficult it was to come back. I have the best family and friends at home so why would I come back and put myself back in the situation I was in before. I was so close to dropping out. However, I did come back and now I’ve almost finished my third year!

If you’re in your first year or even second or third and you feel lonely, trust me you are not alone. When I came back in the second year I saw a job advertisement for a media make-up technician at uni so I applied and got the job, and I can honestly say it was the best thing that happened to me at uni. It gave my week a structure and routine, I made lovely friends who I looked forward to seeing every week and it gave me a bit of pocket money to be able to travel home when I wanted to. The job also gave me more confidence. I have more friends on my course and I am a UCBlogger, through which I have met lovely people.

My point is, you never know what is around the corner and if something comes your way just say yes. Loneliness isn’t a permanent fixture in your life and neither is uni. In the grand scheme of things three years really isn’t that long and believe me it will fly by. I don’t want to be cliché and say enjoy it while you can because I wouldn’t go as far as to say I enjoy uni, but do things to make your time worthwhile and easier. I know now that I will have a degree at the end and some great things to put on my CV.

I may not know where to go for the best night out in Birmingham, I may not know what societies get up to when they are on tour and I may not know what it’s like to be too hungover to make it to uni in the morning, but I still got through uni my own way.


Hope this helps!

Emilia x

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