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A True Northerner

A True Northerner

As a Yorkshire girl living in Birmingham I often find that a lot of people laugh at my accent and make fun of the things I say. I understand where they are coming from but it makes me laugh because I actually put my accent down and tame the Yorkshire colloquialisms when I am not around my fellow Yorkshire men and women! I found this quiz on buzzfeed.comcalled How Northern are you? and I thought it would be funny if I did the quiz accompanied with a blog post along the way and explain some of my answers.

I have to tick all the boxes that I have done and I will list those here:

  • Called a cup of tea a “brew”
  • Drank a can of “pop”
    • I never knew for a long time that this was a Northern thing, I just thought that’s what fizzy drinks were called!
  • Called someone “love”
  • Called something you like “mint”
  • Called something you like “ace”
  • Called a moody person “mardy”
    • Every has heard the Artic Monkeys song, “Now then mardy bum!”, well it’s an actual thing. After all, Artic Monkeys are from Sheffield.
  • Called an alley a “ginnel”
  • Said “reet good”
  • Exclaimed “flippin ‘eck”
    • This is probably my most used sentence ever, I dread to think how often I say this on a day-to-day basis.
  • Described fussing over something as “mithering”
  •  Described your pants as “keks”
    • This one got the funniest looks when I first used it in Birmingham.
  • Got “mortal”
    • I think this term has been popularised by Geordie Shore…
  • Instead of saying “very” said “well bad”
  • Made a proper good tea
  • Eaten a Yorkshire pudding
  • Eaten black pudding
  • Eaten chips and gravy
  • Eaten parkin
  • Paid a reasonable fare for a taxi
    • It costs me £3.50 in a taxi home from a night out where I’m from!
  • Drank Vimto
    • Is this even a Northern thing?
  • Argued about where “the north” starts2.png
    • Above the line!
  • Paid less than a fiver for a pint
    • Drinks are extortionate around here!
  • Been to Manchester, Leeds, Wakefield, York, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Bradford, the Pennines, Northunberland, Sheffield, Oldham, Salford, Barnsley, Doncaster & Hull
  • Actually spoken to someone on public transport
    • People don’t talk to each other here, it’s ever so weird. I’ll chat to anyone!
  • Been on a day out to North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Morecambe, Whitby, Scarborough, Hebden Bridge, Eureka, Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Lowry, the Imperial War Museum North.
  • Shopped at Affleck’s Palace
    • Great place!
  • Thanked a bus driver
  • Visited Tate Liverpool
  • Been to York races
  • Been on a school trip to the Jorvik Centre
  • Seen the Angel of the North
  • Been to Chester Zoo, Tatton Park, Castle Howard, Blackpool pleasure beach, the Royal Exchange Theatre, the Echo Arena, the MEN Arena and Millennium Square in Leeds.
  • Seen stars from where you live at night
  • Lost the will to live at Crewe station
  • Coped with a normal amount of rain without making a fuss
  • Felt superior to people from London

Pretty Northern! I’m offended! I am 100% Northern and proud!

Hope this was interesting!

Emilia x

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