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Magical Christmas Market

Magical Christmas Market

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re doing well and I also hope you’re getting just as excited for Christmas as I am! Have you gotten your Christmas tree out? Have you bought and wrapped your presents? Let me know because I’d love to hear!

This time I wanted to write a little bit about the Birmingham German Market. I have never really participated in the German Market’s festivities nor bought much from it, as to me it seems way too chaotic and to get to a stall seems like a huge mission. This year, however, my best friend Debby convinced me to go and spend some time at the market and I loved it so much! If you’re like me and you’d rather stay away and look at the market from a far, then here are some tips because honestly, if you don’t go, you’re missing out!

1. Pick a Good Time

There’s nothing worse than ‘going with the flow’ of people. It makes me feel so stressed when you just have to move with a crowd of people instead of walking at your own pace and stopping at your favourite stalls. Timing is super essential! Obviously, as you can imagine, the weekends are the busiest so I would stay away if you’re not one who deals well with being in massive crowds. We went on a week day around lunch time and although there was still a big amount of people, we could walk around, look at stalls and pick up our favourite goodies.

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2. Relax

This might be an obvious one but just relax and forget about all the people around you. Focus on all the nice bits of the market – after all it’s going to be gone after Christmas! Look at the decorations and all the amazing things they have to offer. Or go with a friend and enjoy your time together with them! There’s nothing more fun than grabbing some Christmas snacks with your friends and laughing until your stomach hurts.

3. Favourite Places

Some of my favourite places are at the Craft Market as they have the yummiest veggie options! Balti chips and vegetarian pizza (right at the entrance coming from the library) are mine and Debby’s favourite! If you’d rather have something sweet, they offer crepes and waffles, which smell incredible even when you just walk past the stalls. The one thing that’s not in the Craft Market is the fudge. You can choose from so many different flavours and they all taste amazing! It’s located on New Street on the left side if you enter it from Victoria Square. Definitely try some! Also, don’t forget to go on the wheel! I recommend going at night because seeing the lights of the beautiful city is amazing.

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I hope this helped you if you’re feeling a bit anxious or just a bit hesitant about going and enjoying the market. Trust me, it can be stressful for anyone but it’s completely worth it!

– Helina x

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