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Make the Most of Your Christmas!

Make the Most of Your Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

It’s that time of year already!

For new students from across the country, and even further afield, Christmas is probably the first opportunity to go back and see friends and family after a long period of time and it’s important to make the most of it – before you know it you’ll be back studying hard or even sitting an exam for those not so fortunate like myself! Here’s 3 things to do over the holidays:

  1. Make time for everyone!
Spend some quality time with your family
Spend some quality time with your family

Naturally, during Christmas, we like to share time with loved ones more than anything else, so schedule as much down time as you can! Ring family, connect with old friends on Facebook and let them know you’re back for a bit and do as much with your spare time as possible! You’ll regret not making the most of it when you’re back with your head buried between a book, believe me.

2. Spend a little time studying..

Be creative! Studying doesn't have to be inside a book..
Be creative! Studying doesn’t have to be inside a book..

Don’t forget to study! It can be difficult to find time and motivation between having fun and resting over the holidays but it’s important you at least go over your work now and then so that you don’t forget it all. The Christmas break is longer than you think and from experience it’s easy to forget almost everything you’ve covered during the first semester if you don’t bring it to the front of your mind once or twice by simply spending five minutes going over past notes. A little revision can save a lot of headaches in future.

3. In with the old

Pick up the racket!
Pick up the racket!

Out with the old and in with the new when you head off to university, but in with the old when you head back during holidays! Remember those hobbies you used to love which you’ve given up whilst at university? Yeah… they haven’t forgotten about you. Pick up the tennis racket and paint brush (not recommended at the same time!) or whatever else you enjoy and rekindle your hobby! Who knows, maybe you’ll take it forward and continue it at university once you realise how much you’ve missed it.

Well, there’s 3 more things you can get on with over the holidays amongst a million other things you probably have scheduled… good luck finding the time! Just remember, have fun because you’ll soon be leaving your family again so don’t waste the valuable time you’re given. Time really cannot be gotten back.

Merry Christmas,


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