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A New Year

A New Year

I am absolutely heartbroken that Christmas is over! I had the most wonderful Christmas and now I have to wait 352 days for it to happen all over again. I never enjoy New Year’s Eve and coming into the New Year because I just get so sad that we are leaving the Christmas month and all its festivities behind. I get severe January blues every year and it lasts until around 24th February, which is exactly a week before my birthday.

Although I am in New Year’s funk, I have decided to make a post of all the things I have to  look forward to this year to remind myself it’s really not that bad and things will get better. I tend to never make New Year’s resolutions because I rarely stick to them and then it makes me feel bad when I fail but there are things that I want to do this year, I am just not labelling them as resolutions.

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First of all I want to return back to the gym. I used to be a swimmer and I was extremely fit. I would go swimming twice a week and then go running three times a week and then I started attending the gym regularly too. Unfortunately, I have become so unfit I can’t even run for a train without sweating profusely and barely able to breathe so by going back to the gym it’s not to lose weight but to get back to the healthier and fitter state I used to be in. Perhaps I’ll start going road running again – it’s a bit more exciting that running on the treadmill and staring at a blank wall.

Secondly, I need to start saving money. As I will be leaving uni this year I think I need to start being a bit more independent. I earn my own money – I have three jobs during term time – so what I spend my money on is down to me but I feel as though I should stop being so frivolous with what I earn. For example, the Starbucks decaf caramel macchiato I buy whenever I get a train is really not that necessary and the Mac lipstick that I probably already have a very similar shade to is really not necessary either. I could also stop getting a train everywhere and start getting the mega bus more, that will save so much money.

Lastly, I would like to keep really focused on my uni work, specifically my dissertation. As I am very much aware the end of my uni life is close, I don’t want to enter into holiday mode too soon. If I just keep focused in these last few months it could really benefit my final classification so don’t get lazy, Emilia!

In terms of things I have to look forward to, I shall make a list:

  • Completing uni
  • Applying for a masters
  • Hopefully get accepted on to a masters course
  • Start masters
  • One of my baby nieces 1st birthday
  • Other baby nieces 2nd birthday
  • Turning 21!!
  • Spending more time with my sister in London
  • Moving out of Birmingham and back home were I belong
  • Being the first person out of my friendship group to graduate
  • Getting super fit from all the workouts
  • Becoming a millionaire from saving so much money all year
  • Meeting my soul mate, falling in love and living happily ever after!

Basically it’s going to be the best year yet!15910319_10154443171931713_92331872_n

Hope yours is the same!

Emilia x