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Five Ways to Prepare for your Exams

Five Ways to Prepare for your Exams

With exam season just starting, what better way to prepare yourself than 5 tips from someone that’s been in your position? I had an exam less than a week ago, in fact! Thankfully I prepared well, and hopefully it will have paid off. Here’s 5 tips I live by:

  • Regular breaks

5 or 10 minutes an hour down time can increase productivity massively, but try not to distract yourself away from what you’re doing. I usually lay down for 5 minutes, listen to a couple of songs or go to the kitchen and make a drink or some snacks! Which brings me onto my next point…….

  • Brain food
Which food does your brain respond to?
Which food does your brain respond to?

Different people respond better to different foods when it comes to preparation and motivation to revise for an exam… Some people like myself have to have a whole host of chocolate and other unhealthy snacks to keep us motivated, but some react better to traditional ‘brain food’ such as fruit! You probably know which one you are already. Go to the shop in the morning and stock up ahead of a long day of revision and you’ll stay motivated for longer.

  • Digital or print?

Again, different people respond better to different things. Are you someone who likes to kick back on an iPad or someone who finds themselves deep into a book? Personally (ironic because I’m a digital marketing graduate) I respond better to print form when it comes to revision, but a combination of printed materials and digital or online articles, websites and presentations can be very beneficial. I find if I print an article or presentation out I can make notes on it easily which helps me to remember things.

  • Be resourceful
Utilise all of the resources around you..
Utilise all of the resources around you.

Use all of the information resources available to you and by several different authors – going above and beyond in this way will extend your knowledge beyond the normal reading meaning your responses will be better informed, to a deeper understanding and this will show in your answers. Lecturers and examiners in particular love an answer which shows wider reading so put yourself one step ahead of everyone else by being resourceful. Read beyond the presentations online.

  • Condense your notes!

The most important tip I live by, and perfect for the final cram of information right before your exam – condense your notes! Write them out long and thoroughly first then go through them and take out the bits you know well, leaving the stuff you’re unsure about in short form. Keep this to a maximum of one page per topic and read over it and over it again until it’s stuck at the forefront of your mind. Staple all of your topics together into an almost ‘booklet’ form and read it several times, and again, just before you enter the exam hall.

By using the tips shown above, combined with your own preferences, you’ll be sure to succeed! And one last thing…. get an early night and wake up ready to cram some last minute revision in – you’ll thank yourself for it! And now you’re ready…

Checklist - complete
Checklist – complete

Good luck,


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