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Free Student Essentials!

Free Student Essentials!

Hello, all my lovely blog readers! I hope you are well and not feeling too frozen in this icy cold weather. Now Christmas and New Year’s Eve have passed, most of our money has probably gone. That is why this week I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some FREE websites in order to…

  • Save you some money!
  • Enhance your uni work!

So here we go!


1. RefMe 

I cannot even tell you how much I use this. This makes referencing SO easy and I feel like everybody needs to know about it! It is completely free to use and it is so simple. You can either fill in the appropriate slots to create the reference or, most of the time, it finds the reference for you by either typing in the author or the title of the book. How amazing is that! It also lets you create folders for different subjects so it is always super organised and easy to look through everyone. This is a total student saviour and the referencing is 100% correct. As a final year student, I have never had a problem with it! AND it’s free to sign up! Perfect for students!

2. Prezi Presentation

This is amazing for all students but especially marketing students in order to stand out from usual PowerPoint presentations. Prezi is a presentation software online. These presentation slides are pre-made and animated yet still look very professional. They can be modified in all sorts of ways but I think it is an awesome program online and it makes presentations a thousand times more fun. It’s difficult to describe but go ahead and check it out yourself!

3. Unidays

Discounts. Yes, that is pretty much all I’ve got to say. It’s a website/app for you to get amazing student discounts, and guess what, it is completely free! All you have to do is sign up with your student email and you’re good to go. 40% off at ASK Italian, 10% off at Superdrug, 20% off at PureGym and so many more! Go have a look because it’s definitely worth signing up to!

4. Save The Student

This website has it all, from Student Finance information to getting a job and making money. It’s an amazing place to find freebies and incredible student discounts so I am constantly on the site looking for some student freebies! You’d be surprised how much there is! The website also provides help with finances, bills, jobs, housing and saving money. Everything in one place. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!

I hope this blog post saved you some money as well as gave you some ideas for creative uni work! I hope you’re having the best 2017 and doing amazing at your exams. Until next week!

– Helina x