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Additional Income as a Student

Additional Income as a Student

Supplementing your student loan is essential in surviving uni – by now, this has probably become apparent. Student loans only stretch so far and usually not until the next one is due – so supplementing your student loan is important for survival. Selling old clothes, unwanted gifts and long forgotten text books can be a great source of money! Here’s three platforms to make some cash:

Online marketplaces such as eBay

eBay - A marketplace for everyone!
eBay – A marketplace for everyone!

Personally, i’m a huge fan of eBay! I’ve been buying and selling on platforms such as eBay for many years and it’s helped me massively throughout my student years. I’ve bought and sold text books, old computer games, stationery and mostly anything you can think of! Local auctions can throw up a bargain time and time again so it’s worth keeping an eye out if there’s something you’re after before buying new from a retail store.

But how does it all work, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple really. As a buyer you use it much like any other shop. As a seller, you list your item with photographs, choose a buy it now price or an auction (beware, it could sell for a silly price!) and ship it out to the buyer once they purchase it. You receive payments via paypal which can be withdrawn to your bank account. eBay will take a fee for their service as will Paypal.

Social media platforms such as Facebook

Make money while you procrastinate with Facebook!
Make money while you procrastinate with Facebook!

Every villa, town and city has ‘for sale’ pages on Facebook almost like a virtual car boot sale. You take a photo of your item, list it on the Facebook group with a price and if someone wants it they’ll comment or message you. The benefits of social media platforms is the fees you have to pay – nothing! Unlike the former (eBay) and the latter (Depop) you’ll receive cash in hand without a single penny going to a third party – result!

Mobile applications such as Depop

Use your phone to make cash! Credit -
Use your phone to make cash! Credit –





Don’t have the time or patience to make an eBay account? No problem! Introducing, Depop! A mobile application catering primarily to clothes sales. Used by myself and friends alike to great effect – your wardrobe is a goldmine! Instead of binning clothes, list them on depop and ship them to buyers across the globe. Depop will take a 10% fee and you can also use Paypal which will take a fee too, but it’s worth it to declutter alone and the money is a bonus.

The benefit of Depop is its simplicity. Everything is done on one device – your phone. Take a photo, open the app, upload the photo with a small description and some hashtags and you’re away. Sold an item? Package it up and take it to the post office.

To summarise, eBay, Depop and Facebook present a great opportunity to earn some money by selling unwanted goods. While all of the above involve selling your old possessions, they can also be used in reverse. By buying someone else’s unwanted items you can often save a huge amount of money. Next time, instead of buying that textbook new, get it used at a significantly cheaper price. Better still? Visit the library!

Hopefully by using these platforms you won’t end up on beans and pasta this time around. Until the next loan date, good luck!


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