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Semester Two Preparation

Semester Two Preparation

With semester one an almost distant memory by now, it’s time to prepare for semester two. Considering I’ve had many a semester one in my student life, I’ve learnt a considerable lot about preparation (or lack of) throughout the past few months. Oh, and the work load on a MA course is insane!

As I went into the first semester as a postgraduate student, I had planned it out well. I had separate folders for each module and I told myself I would keep week by week wallets and notes for easy reference. Fast forward, week 3 and that was out the window! My bag had turned into a dump for notes, lecture slides, pens and paper – and it wasn’t a pretty sight. As a result, I found myself reprinting out slides online and wasting valuable time which could have been spent on assignments. So this semester I’m determined to be more organised! A new year’s resolution, if you will.

With the above in mind, here’s what I’m going to do to be in complete control of semester two and smash my semester one grades too:

  • Split my resources by module
Three is the magic number...
Three is the magic number…


I’ve got three modules this semester, so that means I’m buying three of everything. Three notepads. Three folders. Three packs of pens. And so on. Why? So I don’t get notes mixed up. It’s that simple. For me, organisation leads to success.




  • Read ahead
Get ahead of the rest
Get ahead of the rest

So I’ve got my timetable back, I know my modules, and I know when they start – February 6. That means I’ve got a little time to find the reading lists and do some reading ahead of the start date. This upper hand will have me walking into lectures without a worry in my mind.

  • Set milestones
The end is near
The end is near

As soon as I see the module overviews, I’m going to set myself some milestones. For example by week three I want to have read three different sources of information surrounding the modules key learning outcomes. And by April, I want to be in complete control of all of my work so I can enjoy my overseas trip! Jealous? I’m going to Sicily!

To summarise, after a shakey start to postgraduate life i’m determined to be as organised as ever moving into semester two, and by reading ahead, setting myself milestones and being resourceful I’m determined to smash my previous semesters results – and you can too!


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