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The Return of University!

The Return of University!

It seems like forever since we were last in… so i’m writing a short blog post on the return of University. Just so that you don’t forget, yes, we’re back. Time to put your brains back to use and smash semester two.

Hasn't time gone quickly?
Hasn’t time gone quickly?

Because of the Christmas holidays, we’ve been off for almost two months in total. Monday sees the return of lectures for most, and I’m surprisingly excited. Are you?!

I’m timetabled for three days a week which are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. This is perfect – it means I get a ‘weekend’ during the week and a proper weekend too! I think I’ll use the mid-week break to do assignments, reading and so on leaving my proper weekend for proper weekend things, like… relaxing. Or partying. Or both.

If only my timetable was looking this empty!
If only my timetable was looking this empty!

As always, I’ve left everything until the last minute which is completely against my new year’s resolution to be a little more prepared, but I’ll get there eventually. Before Monday I’ve got to get myself ready for a semester that I simply have to perform well in. It’s the last taught semester of my University life and I’m determined to make a success of it. If you read my previous blogs you’ll get a better idea of how i’m preparing in order to ensure I get the best results possible, and the results that I deserve.

So what will I be doing between now and Monday morning? (9am!!!!) Well, I’ll be making sure my Saturday is productive. I’m going to pick up the essentials for semester two (new notepads for each module) and sort out my folders. On Sunday I’m going to do a little bit of what I call ‘pre-semester’ reading to familiarise myself with the modules and the content they’ll deliver before getting an early night’s sleep. I’ll be ready.

Let's hope my alarm clock isn't running this late!
Let’s hope my alarm clock isn’t running this late!

McIntyre House at 9am. See you there.


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