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Why You Should Attend a University Open Day

Why You Should Attend a University Open Day

Open days – where do I start?

Can you see yourself at UCB in the future?
Can you see yourself at UCB in the future?

Firstly, it’s worth noting that UCB have a university open day planned on the 1st April and it’s definitely worth attending if you’re planning on choosing UCB as a potential university after you’ve finished college or sixth form. You can sign up to attend via UCB’s own website! It’s extremely quick and easy so book your place now!

But why?

Open days offer a great insight into what each and every university is about. Ideally, you should attend the open days of at least 2 or 3 of your main choices moving forward to get a feel for the buildings, campus, teaching staff and services such as student services, the guild, societies and so on. You’ll also get the opportunity to explore your chosen course further. It varies university to university but UCB often have presentations on each subject and course with the lecturing staff available for questions. You might even meet a few of your potential course mates before you get to university which can take the worries of moving out of home and finding friends away.

Another great aspect of open days is the accommodation tours. UCB generally provide a bus and / or walking service depending on the accommodation you would like to visit. Cambrian is opposite the university whereas the maltings are a 15 minute walk away. These accommodation tours allow you to visit the place you could potentially be living before committing to a long term accommodation contract. The benefits to this are that you’ll know the facilities and vibe before moving in, so you can decide whether or not it’s for you. Halls are a great place to live, particularly in your first year and are a social place, but you might prefer living in a flat or a shared house. By visiting halls first you can decide before you come to university and therefore avoid any disappointment.

And it’s not just about the university!

Canal side at Brindley Place! Credit:
Canal side at Brindley Place! Credit:

Open days allow you to explore the city too! You’ll be living here for possibly 3 years, so you want to explore the surroundings, right?

After your open day has finished you’ll be able to explore the city you’re visiting. UCB is located centrally in Birmingham, the UK’s second city and there’s bars, clubs, restaurants and activities all around you. Sealife centre? 5 minutes walk. Barclaycard arena? That’s the same! Mailbox shopping centre? 15 minutes walk and right by the maltings! Living in Birmingham and attending UCB? There’s lots to do! Think about the location as well as the university!

Would I recommend attending?

Personally, for me, open days are worth it. Granted, they can take a whole day to attend (including travel, the actual open day and exploring the city) depending on where you live but you’re committing your future to a single place so don’t do it without looking first.

I attended UCB’s open day before I came to the University and it was the best decision I made. It was one of few universities offering my course at the time so I didn’t have a huge amount of choice but the open day really sold UCB and that’s why I chose to study here. The city was simply a added bonus!

I’m off to lunch in Brindley Place (just 5 minutes walk too – if you’d like to join?!)

Enjoy your university open days,


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