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3 Reasons to Study at UCB

3 Reasons to Study at UCB

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog last week – it was well beyond my control but I’m back and I’ve been thinking…

Looking back to my previous year at UCB coupled with this year’s experiences and I’ve come to realise that there are a number of great reasons why you should study at UCB, and I thought that I’d share 3 of my favourites.

  1. Support for study
Reach out

UCB offer so much support to enable you to do well. Whether it’s simply a chat with lecturers (they always make time for you!) or more specialist support for those with disabilities then there is a department willing to talk to you and go through your options. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Some of the departments include Hired, Enterprise Hive, Student Services, the Guild and more. I’m still discovering new support methods and it’s my second year at UCB. It’s worth exploring UCB’s website to find out about everything they offer in terms of support and assistance.

2. Community feeling

Together like clockwork

Despite UCB being fairly small in terms of students compared to some of the bigger universities in the city, there’s a real ‘community like’ feeling around campus. The friendly vibe translates well into class so you’re sure to make loads of friends and that leads to an enjoyable time in class too. Win win!

3. Trips!

Where will your course lead you?

Each and every year UCB strive to arrange a number of trips in line with your course. Last year I had the opportunity to visit Bicester shopping centre as just one of the trips, and some can be a real experience. This year I’m going on an overseas trip, to… DUBAI! Yeah, I didn’t think I had heard it right either but it’s true. I can’t wait! Less than 2 weeks to go, so you might not hear from me in a couple of weeks while I’m away, but I’ll try and get a post written beforehand.

So that’s my three favourite reasons to study at UCB. Now the majority of you have been here a while now – what are yours?!

Bye for now,


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