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Dubai 2017

Dubai 2017

As you guys might know, I travelled to Dubai as part of my course last week, and had a fantastic time! I took hundreds of photos and it’s been time consuming going through them all, but now that I have, here’s some to make you jealous…

Some things I did during the trip:

  • Desert safari
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai city tour
  • Clubbing
  • Shopping

And so much more… anyway, here’s the photos!

The Marina – A beautiful, relaxed atmosphere surrounded by tall buildings (much like the whole of Dubai, really!)

Dubai Marina


Burj Khalifa – The world’s tallest building. I got the chance to not only see it, but go to the top and take photos. At night, everything looks so much better!

It’s very difficult to get a photo with the whole building in it – it’s that big! Here’s my attempt below…

Burj Khalifa
















View from the top

Desert Safari – Driving through the sand dunes was an incredible experience, if a little scary at times… Our driver was crazy!

Transport ready!

Abu Dhabi! Yes, we even had chance to visit the capital of UAE. Here’s a view from a restaurant balcony.

What a view!

The photos above are just a snippet of what went down in Dubai, and it would be impossible to tell the full story in a single blog post, so I thought I would keep it short and sweet so those of you reading can begin to think about where UCB might take you in your later years as a student.

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