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Easter! At last

Easter! At last
Easter at last!

A welcome break for us all, Easter. This time of year always gets me reflecting, for the good and the bad.

Growing up I always looked forward to the Easter holidays, more so than Christmas. Mainly because my birthday usually fell within the holiday – One year it even fell on the same day! Enough chocolate for a lifetime. What isn’t to like?! And this year is no different.

But what does it mean for us university students? For me anyway, it’s not quite as fun now. For university goers Easter generally means a lot of work to complete ahead of final summer deadlines and the end of another hard year being a student. It’s been a difficult year for myself so the break means only one thing – a holiday! Yes, another… With Dubai blues already getting to me, I’ve decided to book a short trip away for my birthday, to Porto, Portugal, something I’m really looking forward to!


So, while you guys slave away into a text book, think about me cruising down the Douro River sipping a beer and remember to work hard so that after you’ve finished university and secured a well-paid job you can enjoy all life has to offer. None of us have made it yet, but when we do, we’ll know about it. We’ll enjoy every moment of it, and we’ll thank ourselves for working hard throughout education to get us into a position to be happy.

But how do I get to that place?


If I knew the answers, I would tell you! Only those both older and wiser can guide us, but ultimately it’s down to ourselves. You can achieve anything you put your mind to! (Thats me trying to be motivational… but really I’m telling you to knuckle down and get your work done!) So, what will you be doing this Easter break? Are you going to sit back and relax or are you going to work towards your end goals? I’ll be completing assignments and going away to recharge – a happy medium. Find your middle ground and make the most of your time off – you’ll thank yourself for it!

Enjoy your Easter!

I’ll be back soon with some Porto snaps to make you jealous..



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