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A Welcome Break…

A Welcome Break…

Firstly, apologies for not posting over the Easter holidays… as you all know work really does pile up over the term time break and I’ve been left with an awful lot to do in an awfully short space of time. Whoops!

Anyway, as promised in a previous blog, here’s some snaps from Porto! I fell in love with this city – it’s amazing! I would rank it as one of the best cities I’ve ever visited. Not only the scenery and attractions but the people, they were the best part of Porto. Really!

The Douro River
One of the many bridges!
D. António Ferreira Gomes
Looking inside the Clerigos Tower
Obligatory beach visit
Lello bookstore! Inspiration to JK Rowling when writing Harry Potter!
Spotted in a cool vintage market. If only I had space in my suitcase…




























































































The above is just a snippet of what I got up to in Porto! There really is so much to do and I would really recommend going. In no particular order I did the Clerigos tower, Lello bookstore, 5D cinema, open top bus tour, beach, cable cart, douro river cruise, visited many bars and restaurants and sampled the famous port wine, sangria and of course the local beer, Superbock!










For now? It’s back to work. A 4000 word report awaits. And a video. And another report. Wish me luck!

Bye for now,


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