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Cuppa and a Catch Up

Cuppa and a Catch Up

A little later than expected, I’m back to my blog! How are you doing?

How crazy is it that it’s July? We’ve finished the semester (yaay) and for some of us, uni is completely done and dusted. To be honest I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, whether its a sigh of relief, or if I’m likely to have a big old cry over the summer. Am I glad that there are no more assignments, deadline clouds, and the impending pressure of trying to secure the grades you desperately desire? Yes, no doubt about it. But I am also sad about having no more assignments, no more lectures on my fave tourism subjects, no more dancing around on the 3rd floor of MH with my friends while we take work *breaks*, and no more eating the delicious mushroom stroganoff and other tasty meals in the MH cafeteria. The latter is what’s most likely to make me cry, hehe.

Regardless of what we may or may not miss, and the up and downs this year will have bought for us, we did it! We have finished our degrees! We should feel incredibly proud of our accomplishments. Sure, I know that I could have done so much better in many of my assignments, but we did the best we could and now its just a waiting game to see the results. Is it weird I kind of miss writing my dissertation? I’ll write a more detailed post about my disso soon to provide a bit of guidance, and most importantly a bit of reassurance, to anyone who will be writing theirs next semester.



So apart from finishing uni I’m over the moon because I have finally secured a job in the tourism industry! For almost a month I have been working at Thomas Cook as travel consultant and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m currently still in my training process and I’m learning so much every day as well as being able to meet lots of lovely people looking to book their holidays. I spent 4 days at the Thomas Cook head office in Peterborough which was brilliant and I was fortunate to spend just under an hour in the marketing department on the last day! It’s my ultimate career goal to work in destination promotion, and seeing how a real life tourism marketing department going about their daily activities was invaluable. Felt like a little kid in a sweet shop! Plus the great thing about Thomas Cook is they encourage all their staff to get involved to see how different departments operate and work together, which means that I’ll be able to spend an entire day with the team soon! Aside from getting excited about Thomas Cook’s marketing dep, I met a lovely bunch of people starting out their careers in TC too from all over the UK. If your company ever promotes external training opportunities, I highly recommend everyone to take part in them, as it gives you more confidence and knowledge about the company and job role you’ll be going into. Loved it!


Thomas Cook Peterborough

Aside from work, there isn’t really much going on. I’ve gone into complete adult mode now; wake up, work, eat, sleep, eat, repeat. I haven’t got any holidays booked as I have a few things during the summer going on that I won’t probably won’t be able to travel for, but a holiday is definitely on the cards to celebrate after graduation! Of course there is lots of things going on around Birmingham during the summer and I hope to attend lots of exciting events so I’ll keep you posted for all things happening in the city.

What are you plans for summer, and if you’ve finished your degree, how do you feel?

D x

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