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Returning after summer

Returning after summer

Sun, sand and some seriously amazing sights. What could sum up summer better? And after looking at incredible views on holiday for six weeks, what could be more depressing than starting back at college? Well, if you’re like me, holidays and parties are amazing but getting back to normality can be as refreshing as a glass of cool water.

As the youngest UCBlogger, I am the only one starting back at college rather than university. So yes, I’m not going back to dissertations, lengthy exams or the dreaded final year, but does that make my experience any different?

In some ways yes, because first and foremost, I am not going back with the outlook of counting down the time till I leave education forever. I’m excited to go into higher education after the year is through. Until then, I also don’t think I’ll be experiencing the same level of stress trying to write mass essays and research papers.

However, in some ways it’s not so different at all. I’m going to be sitting in the same cafés (the Rooftop Café on the 8th floor of Summer Row is the one!), meeting the same lecturers, and experiencing those first day back jitters, much like everyone else.

So, am I excited to go back to college? The answer is yes! Alright, I can be a bit of a nerd – I actually enjoy learning and I’m passionate about the subject I’m studying (Professional Cookery), but socially college is a great place to be too. I’ve known my college friends for under a year, but already we are so close, and daily FaceTime group calls aside I’ve missed them so much over the summer!

Apart from that, I’m looking forward to getting back to regularity, as summer can be unorganised, hectic and especially tiring when you have a job (special shout out to all you unlucky year 11s as you will probably have one by the end of your first college year). Getting back to a weekly schedule I can organise more efficiently will be a lot less stressful.

So hopefully in September there will be a whole heap of new faces, but like me a lot of you will be returning to UCB after two or three months away, so what is it you’ve got to remember? For me it’s trying to start the new academic year with the same excitement and vigour I did in my very first year. Just remember why you chose to enrol at UCB in the first place, and try to use that first year attitude to kick start the new academic year.

So, let’s raise a glass (of orange juice for all of us underage college students) and get ready for the new 2017 term at UCB!


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