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Packing for uni: Six essentials you never knew you needed

Packing for uni: Six essentials you never knew you needed

Before starting this week’s blog post, I would like to say a huge congratulations to all of you who have received exam results and are starting a new journey at UCB.  Now the dreaded day has passed, it’s time to get excited and get all your bits ready for starting university.

Car packed and ready to go

Although I am a shopaholic, I remember this time last year shopping for university gave me butterflies with a hint of stress, as I knew it was the beginning of something amazing and I didn’t want to forget anything. During that time, I found blog posts and YouTube videos on what to pack for university very helpful, so this is what I wanted to try and do for you.

Don’t panic – I am not going to give you a massive list of things you NEED to buy for university.  Instead I am going to tell you about six easy-to-forget things you may want to consider bringing.

1.One thing I would strongly suggest you bring is a doorstop. Not only does this allow you to be more sociable when moving in, as you can chat to those passing by, it also comes in handy when having to drag a heavy hoover around to clean your room.

So handy

2.  Another couple of things I think you should consider buying are command strips and hooks. This may sound like an odd choice but they were such a great help when living in halls I soon found myself raving about them to my flatmates – to whom I now apologise! Where the hooks are especially useful with things such as coat and jacket storage, the command strips come in handy when hanging frames and pictures on the walls.  The best thing about the strips is when it comes to moving out of halls, you can remove them without leaving marks on the wall or taking off any paint! TIP: The doors at The Maltings halls are rather heavy, so if you’re heading there I recommend getting a doorstop that is filled with beans as this worked better than a wedge.

Nothing like old photos to make you feel at home

3. When moving into halls, I would strongly advise you to make your room a place you feel comfortable and relaxed in – for coming home from those long days at university as well as those tired mornings after a fun filled night out. One way of doing this is to bring plenty of fairy lights, cushions, blankets, posters and pictures.  For me these were some of the most important things to bring to university as I was moving a rather long way from family and friends, and was glad to have these reminders of home to comfort me when I needed it most.

4. One thing many of my flatmates forgot about that I feel are essential for university is an extension lead or two. With all the gadgets us students have nowadays, from phones to laptops to iPads, there comes the need to charge. And although student accommodation does have plugs, they are not always in the places we want them to be.  For example, I like to have my phone charging by my bed, so I used an extension lead that went from my desk area to my bed.

5. Another thing I think is an essential that many people often forget about is under bed storage boxes. Not only do these help your room look tidier as opposed to having everything crammed under your bed, they are also a great way of storing anything you want. I was one of those students who used them to hide my sweets and treats!

6. The final thing many people don’t think of taking to university is a good selection of DVDs. During my time at university I have found that having a good old girly movie night in the flat is always enjoyed by all. Singing to Disney movies and screaming at horrors while eating an array of movie snacks is always a great way to bond.

These are just a handful of things people forget about taking to university. If you have any questions, or would like any more suggestions, feel free to ask via email or twitter. I hope you have found this helpful!

Jessica x

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