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Joining Societies at other Universities: UoB Dance Club Latino

Joining Societies at other Universities: UoB Dance Club Latino

Growing up in Spain, I always loved salsa and it became a part of me. I would go out in the evenings with my parents and see Spanish people dancing and living life to the fullest. It was always magical.

It was only in my second year of university I actually decided to go ahead and start actually learning salsa properly. I knew I wanted to join a society… But I couldn’t find or knew of one within my own university. It was after speaking to my friend who goes to the University of Birmingham that I found out it was possible for me to join their societies as an external member! I was overjoyed.

I started looking into which dance societies UoB offered. It was then I came across Dance Club Latino. I was drawn to this society because it didn’t look as formal and scary as other latin and ballroom societies. I checked out their Facebook, watched their videos and read reviews before finally going ahead and messaging their Facebook page.

I found out that all I had to do was come along to the weekly class on Mondays. My first class was completely free so I could try it out and see how I felt. Everyone was so welcoming and lovely and the class was so easy to follow. I knew straight away I had to become a member.

From here I suddenly became the biggest fan of DCL, and possibly one of the most active and involved members the society had ever seen.

I volunteered to help organise the Annual Salsa Ball after only being a part of the society for a few weeks. The Salsa Ball was one of the best experiences I have ever had. If you are a lover of dance, there is nothing quite like it. Also knowing that I helped make the event a big success was such a rewarding feeling.

(The flyer I created)

(The event hall)

After the ball, I started going to local salsa events with my friends from the society. An example of some that we love are LatinMotion and LatinMotion with Del Camino at The Jamhouse.



When it was pretty clear to everyone in the society that I was well and truly OBSESSED, they elected me as their Team Captain. I am so proud of the fact they let me become such a big part of the society in such a short space of time. My love for the salsa fam is strong.

So the main point I want to leave you with in this blog is that… If you can’t find a society that fits you within your own university, either make your own society (like a good friend of mine has and it is now incredibly popular) or join a society at another university as an external member. It’s such an easy process. There is no excuse for you to not join one and get involved in what you love.

If you have any questions or queries leave me a comment.

Lots of love from your gal,

Jade x

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