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A guide to the clubs of Birmingham

A guide to the clubs of Birmingham

Okay so yes, we are at university to learn (at least I hope that is why everyone is here…)

But there are going to be nights where you are going to want to party away the assignment stress.


Below you will find my own personal overview of the clubs I’ve been to in Birmingham. Thank me later.


We have to start with the classic. PRYZM used to be called Gatecrasher when I first started uni and it used to be my second home. All someone had to say was “GC?” and I was there. I haven’t been all that much since it has changed names, but from what I’ve heard it’s the same as before.

The reason I liked it so much was that there are loads of different rooms, so if you don’t like a song it’s fine just go to a different room! Problem solved.



This is probably one of the most well know gay clubs in Brum. I’ve been a few times and it has always been great. There are also a few strategically placed poles for you to drunk dance around. Bonus!



I personally dislike Snobs. This is only because I don’t find the music they play very easy to dance to. It’s a very indie club. Be prepared to hear ‘Wonderwall’ about five times throughout the night. Obviously, the music they play might be to your taste so you might love it. I have a few friends that go there religiously every week… But I just need my Rihanna fix, you know?



I held an event at Walkabout when I was an Ann Summers student ambassador. They are really friendly and if you ever need to hold a student event they will most probably help you out. I know they hold societies events there quite regularly. They mainly play the charts and other well-known songs.



Another one I don’t really rate unless you have been on the “bevs”. It’s quite a small club and they play REALLY cheesy music. However, if you love watching the music videos to Busted and McFly tunes, then it’s the place for you.



The most popular club for R&B lovers. I find Players to be a bit more high-end if that makes sense. There seems to be a lot less trouble there and the bouncers are quick to throw anyone out who starts to cause a scene.

It’s a great place to get a VIP booth for a special event.



Not only a great place to go for drinks and food during the day but at night they open up a little dance floor. It’s a great one for when you want to have drinks with the girls and throw a few shapes without getting interrupted by drunk guys.


Rosie’s (was 6 on Broadstreet)

Very similar to PRYZM but on a smaller scale. Also on the cheaper side. However I haven’t been again since it has changed hands.


Mooch Bar

Another good one for food during the day. They play a lot of live sports here during the daytime too, if that’s your thing. They have 2 for 1 cocktail deals which my friends and I take advantage of regularly.

I hope this list helps you make some important night out decisions. If you know any more places worth mentioning please leave them in the comments!


Have fun, and remember to always stay safe on a night out. ALWAYS stay with a friend.

Ya girl,

Jade x

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