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University Room Decor

University Room Decor

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved decorating my room, whether it be a quick furniture move around or a new paint job. This was one of the many thing I was excited to do when moving to university.

University College Birmingham has two purpose built halls of residence: Cambrian Hall and The Maltings.  After viewing them both at the university open day, I chose to live in The Maltings as I felt I would prefer an ensuite bathroom as I am used to this luxury at home. Now I had made this decision it was time to plan the décor.


The Maltings uni room before…


When planning how I wanted my room to look I found the virtual tours on the UCB website very helpful as I could see what was already in my room and how it was laid out.   I could then work out the things I needed to buy, and what I could bring from home instead.

As many uni bedrooms can seem small, I decided to go with a lighter colour theme of baby pink, white and light grey to brighten the room and make it appear much bigger. Thanks to the virtual tours and open day I knew that the bed was a single, which meant I could get the correct size bedding and right number of pillows to match this theme.

Because I was moving a rather long way from home, I felt I had to bring most of my belongings with me as I would be unable to simply pop home and get something.  Despite feeling this way, I also had to think about what I really needed and be clever with how I stored things to avoid cluttering my room.  I found things such as draw organisers and multi-hangers very useful to avoid feeling claustrophobic.

I know I have mentioned this in a previous post but homey touches always make your room feel cosier.  Things like fairy lights and pictures of friends and family never fail to spice up a room and make it your own.


The Maltings uni room after!

Now I am in second year, I have moved out of halls and into a house with three of my flatmates.  Although I am in a house, I still used the same ideas from when moving into halls.  I have stuck with the same light colour theme and I’ve brought cosy touches and plenty of photos.  The thing to remember when it comes to decorating your uni room is to make it your own, and not to be afraid to switch things up – remember, you can change things whenever you want!

My bed in the new house!
Makeup storage.










I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s blog and are excited for the big move! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Jessica x

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