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How to make your uni room a home away from home

How to make your uni room a home away from home

Hello everyone!


By now many of you will have moved into your student accommodation and will be enjoying freshers! Hopefully you will have unpacked by now, so I’ve decided to write this post to help you make your room as homely as possible. I personally found that the more comfortable I felt in my room, the less homesick I felt. Below are videos of my room in second year before and after I’d decorated. If you want to see before and after pictures of my room in the Maltings, click here. 


First, I’d start with the bed itself. You can get some really nice bedding for a reasonable price at places like Primark, IKEA and even supermarket own brands do some nice sets. I am also a big fan of cushions and throws! I like the way it makes the bed look cosy and can be helpful when friends are over, the weather is cold or you want to prop your head up when reading or watching TV.

A closer look at my bed setup for year 2- bunting, fairy lights, duvet and pillow covers from IKEA, cushions from various

Speaking of reading and watching TV, I love to take plenty of books and DVDs to fill the shelves provided in my room- both for entertainment and I like the look of full shelves rather than emptier ones with bits and bobs on. Before lectures start, sometimes I would have days with nothing planned and that’s a great time to chill in your room reading if you’re a bit more of an introvert like me.

I like to decorate my room with other items – my essentials are fairy lights, photos and plants. Different uni halls have varying rules in regards to fairy lights, so I would definitely check before you buy any. IKEA have a great selection but I also like Primark’s battery operated ones as they do nice designs that are pretty during the day when switched off as well as in the evening. I also like to get plants from IKEA as they are not very expensive and easy to care for if you get cacti and succulents. Photos are really helpful if you are feeling a little homesick. The maltings have really big notice boards that are useful for pinning photos to and I also bought some frames in a Debenhams sale.

Plant and clock from IKEA, BB8 Star Wars mug from the Disney Store, Photo frame in the Debenhams sale, Marauders Map from the WB ‘Making of Harry Potter’ Studio Tour

Other bits and bobs I’ve used to decorate include bunting, mugs, harry potter memorabilia, cards that I have been sent and other ornaments I’ve made myself – below are some pictures!

Finally, to make my room my own, I like to make sure it smells nice. I bought a room spray from the Body Shop for when it gets a bit stuffy if I’ve been in there all day and at Christmas I bought a reed diffuser from Next that made my room smell like berries and spices.


I hope you are all settling in to life at uni. Until next time,


Ellie x

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