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The most important lesson you will learn at university

The most important lesson you will learn at university

Aside from your actual degree, you will learn a lot of valuable lessons at uni… However, in my opinion, the most important for your future is independence.

Before coming to uni a lot of us will be very reliant on our friends and family, whether it be financially or morally. Thankfully, the majority of us tend to learn how to cope by ourselves just fine throughout university – even if we may need some extra help now and then.

However, there are a lot of people that don’t make the most of their opportunity to grow as a person at uni. Okay, I understand some people just may not be able to make ends meet themselves. But I have met a lot of people who get high student loans and still ask their parents to buy their food shop.

The problem with doing this is you will not learn how to budget, look after yourself and be responsible for your own money. And let’s face it, do you really want to be living with your parents for another 10 years when you finish uni because you didn’t take the opportunity to become an adult?

Budgeting is the number one thing you need to be religious about at uni, and once you get into a routine it becomes easy. You learn the value of money and figure out how much your weekly shop is going to cost (and if you can afford that Starbucks on your way into lectures.)

Take the chance to do things alone that you wouldn’t normally. Go get lunch alone, explore the city you are studying in, meet new people and learn how to be street smart, not just book smart.

Problem solve! I can’t stress how important it is to learn to problem solve and not ring your parents every 10 minutes for help. Figure out how to work the washing machine and don’t take a load of washing home with you every time you visit your family!

By all means keep in touch with your family while you are at uni. But supposedly you moved away to gain independence – so try not to jeopardise that in the process. Many students leave university with a degree and go back home to live with their parents and never persue a role their degree more than qualifies them for. Don’t you agree that’s a waste of money?

Make the most of your university experience and learn everything you possibly can from it, not just the things from lectures. We are the future. If you are proud of yourself and what you are achieving in life you’re doing great. Do what makes you happy and always fulfil your potential.


Ya girl,

Jade x