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Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox

Today is 22 September: the autumn equinox (when day and night are roughly the same length) and the first official day of autumn, or Fall as it’s known in the US.

Like many of us, I am always up for a heated debate about what the best month of the year is. I even struggle to come to a conclusion myself as there are so many things I love about each season: the flowers of spring, the heat and relaxation of summer, the burnt orange colours of autumn and the snow and Christmas cheer of winter. With so many good things to look forward to with each month, it’s hard to make up your mind.

That being said, autumn does come with especially beautiful colours along with the promise of a fresh term September brings. There are always so many amazing things to see and experience in this part of the world over the next few months.

So here are my four favourite things about Fall in Brum:

I may as well start with the best on my list: The German market!

As soon as autumn arrives, we know it’s a short wait till Christmas. Want to know where to find me from the 16th of November till December the 24th? Hazard a guess and head down to Victoria Square and New Street, Birmingham city centre, where the German Market will be returning once again for its 52nd year in the city. I’m hoping for a few clear nights this year to be able to have another ride of the carousel (I did it last year and it was epic) as well as maybe trying the ice rink or the big wheel.

Another thing to look forward to with this change of the season is the transition from cold to hot drinks. In the summer a lovely smoothie or Frappuccino cools you down but in the crisp of winter cold, hot chocolate, coffees and warm pumpkin concoctions are required! I hear your question where to go in brum for my fill of caffeine? Well… there is a myriad of coffee shops at your disposal.

Looking for a Starbucks? I usually am. Here are the ones I’ve found so far:

  • on new street opposite the large Tesco
  • inside Grand central on the lower level
  • right at the back of Selfridges
  • inside the ICC building which bridges the gap between Victoria Square and Brindley place.
  • on Colmore row, turning off from Victoria Square

Finally, there’s a subsidised Starbucks in McIntyre house, where you can get lots of the same drinks for much less – an insider’s tip for college students on a budget!

Hats, scarves and gloves are the accessories of Autumn. There is nothing cosier than wrapping up to go off out in a fluffy jumper, boots and an array of wool accessories. Last winter I became obsessed with the checked/tartan New Look scarves and bobble hats. Can’t wait for the fall collections to come in the shops especially as living in Birmingham we have one of the UK’s biggest shopping centres at our disposal. Believe me it’s a necessity, remember you can’t handle sparklers without gloves on and what sort of autumn would it be if you couldn’t do that?

Leaves. The obvious point to make about autumn. Just because Birmingham is a big city doesn’t mean parts of the city aren’t  beautiful, for example, up near the Thinktank there is a walkway of trees, and it’s stunning when they start shedding their leaves. If you want to see one of my favourite Birmingham views, go and sit on the balcony of the Library of Birmingham (or, if it’s cold, in the coffee shop) and I’m sure there you’ll be able to see all of the gorgeous colours of fall.

So starting UCB in university or college, moving here from far away? These are definitely the things to look forward to this autumn!




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