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Netflix Top 10 Watch List

Netflix Top 10 Watch List

So you’re probably all thinking, why on earth is she encouraging us to watch TV instead of studying? But I strongly believe in balance and giving yourself time in the day to just relax. For me, that’s in the evening when I get home from uni.

So I’ve put together a list of my Netflix must watch shows.

1. Jane the Virgin. 

This show is that one that I always have playing in the background. It is basically about a virgin called Jane that gets artificially inseminated and the craziness that follows. I have watched it so many times now that it has turned into the thing that I always switch on when I am doing stuff around the house or want something that I don’t have to concentrate too hard on.

2.  American Horror Story

If you are like me and have a weird obsession with creepy things then you will love this show. You don’t have to watch the seasons in order so you can pick and choose which storyline you want to follow along with. My personal favorites are Coven and Freak Show. However, I am really impressed with the newest seasons storyline and I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

3. The Vampire Diaries

This was a show that I watched religiously growing up. It used to be the one my mom and I would look forward to every week. It is about two vampire brothers and their obsession with a human girl. The show recently aired its final episode which was very emotional but I’m happy that I can watch the episodes back whenever I want.

4. Riverdale

I still haven’t quite figured this show out. It seems to have a hell of a lot of hidden things and I’m never 100% sure where the story is going. The show is based around a town where basically everything is crazy. I don’t really know a better way of describing it. The new season is coming out this month so hopefully, some of my confusions will be cleared up. But either way, it’s a really interesting show.

5. How to Get Away With Murder

AMAZING. By far one of my favorite shows ever. It is about law students who quickly become involved in a murder and they use their knowledge of the law to try and cover their tracks. There is so much detail and thought behind everything and I just find that fascinating. The cast is incredible and I think overall it is just a really well put together tv show.

6. Ozark

I am only on the fourth episode of this show but I think it is great. It follows the story of a money launderer who gets into trouble with his mafia boss. He has to take his whole family to a place called The Ozarks to try and fix things. As well as the storyline being good, I think the scenery in the show is beautiful and it kind of makes me want to live there.

7. Gossip Girl

I have a very strong love for Blake Lively so of course, I would love this show. You become really attached to the characters and drawn into the story. The show follows the lives of some of the richest kids in Manhattan and their every move is watched by an anonymous social media page called Gossip Girl. Yes, it is technically a teen tv show but I love it still and I’m 21 soooo…

8. Pretty Little Liars

Another show I grew up watching and still love to this day. There are lots of twists and turns in this story as four girls try to figure out what happened to their friend Alison. Do not research this show if you don’t want spoilers, because trust me there are a lot out there.

9. Stranger Things

If you liked the new IT movie you will love this as it is very similar in style. A boy called Will goes missing and a group of young boys try their best to find him. Along the way, lots of very weird things happen, hence the name of the show. It’s definitely one to watch leading up to Halloween.

10. Orange is the New Black

As well as portraying the lives of women in prison, this show also touches on lots of very important current topics. I feel that it is not only a really good and interesting show but one that makes you think about the deeper meaning behind things too.

I hope you guys enjoyed my top 10 Netflix watch list! Let me know in the comments if you have watched any of these and what you think or if you have any more recommendations!

Ya girl,

Jade x

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