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Personal Style

Personal Style

After nearly 12 years of being forced five days a week into pleated skirts, clip on ties and frumpy blazers, is it any wonder for most of us college can’t come fast enough?

Since birth you’ve never gotten to choose your clothes. As a child your parents pick out your clothes then you’re sent off to school with a strict dress code.

I don’t know why my parents felt it necessary to dress me like the fresh prince of Bel air?

So apart from the weekends, when do you get to wear what you want? As most girls will admit, when at school your friends would determine what spin you put on your school uniform. From the length of your skirt (mine was way too short looking back, sorry  mum!), the make of your bag or watch, or simply if you chose to wear makeup or do your hair a certain way, you all worked in a pack to test the boundaries of what was allowed (let’s just say I might have crossed those boundaries a few times!)

As you grow up your style and fashion preferences change. when I look back at some of the things I wore when I was 10 I just shake my head with regret (specifically a pink pleather biker jacket and the fact I used to wear socks with heels!?!!!). With a fairly strict mom, I was never allowed to go through some of the fashion fads such as crop tops and belly button piercings as a young girl however much I rebelled and resisted. For me, personal style as I’ve got older has been about gaining the ability to choose.

Society and the media influence a lot of choices we make in our lives whether we realize it or not. Celebrity aspirations and magazine fashion clippings are used by teen girls everywhere to decide how they want to dress. So whether your icon is Blair Waldorf, Aria Montgomery or Carrie Bradshaw (Sorry, I watch too much Netflix!) there is plenty of inspiration to seize.

So for me coming to college I wanted to dress differently every day, as someone who’s easily bored I couldn’t deal with the idea of a jumper and jeans every day. So the summer before college I went on the biggest shopping spree I’ve ever been on (BEST DAY EVER!) and practically replaced my whole wardrobe with different coloured tops and skirts and day dresses as well as investing in coats and shoes! Even in the misty miserable weather, walking down the streets of London’s Oxford Street and spending a few pounds spent on some college attire can always cheer you up!

So my advice before starting at UCB is decide how you like to dress, and run with it. I’ve never been reprimanded at UCB for what I’m wearing, and in fact more often than not I’m complimented on it. So, now you’re an official adult (nearly), the decision on how to dress purely down to you.

Happy Shopping!