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What I eat in a day

What I eat in a day

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well.

I have been having a bit of a mind blank this week and was unsure on what to write about.  It wasn’t until Tuesday when I was having one of those nights in bed thinking about life, as I’m sure you all do every now and then, that it came to me.  I’m going to chat to you about food.  More precisely, what I eat in a day.  So, before I begin I’d suggest grabbing a quick drink and snack as this may make your tummy rumble!

Most people think university students live off pot noodle, ready meals and takeaways.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good pot noodle and you can never go wrong with a Chinese takeaway (I recommend Hollies Wok!) But just because I like these things doesn’t mean that’s all I eat.  If I’m being honest sometimes I crave a home-made roast and I actually like cooking my own meals. Before I came to uni, the fanciest thing I knew how to cook was chicken Kiev, chips and beans – my all-time favourite meal! After watching my parents cook in the last few weeks before starting uni and taking note of how they cooked things I soon learnt how to cook more exotic things.

Although I learnt how to cook things like chilli con carne, roast dinner and spaghetti Bolognese I was unsure whether I would be able to afford the ingredients.  After the first few shops I realised how discounts and deals worked and learnt that if I shop with my budget in mind as opposed to my hungry belly in mind then I can do it.   So instead of living off pot noodle, here is what I like to eat in a day:

BREAKFAST – The most important meal of the day.  I have recently been enjoying granola, yoghurt and fruit since I discovered a deal in Morrisons where I can get a punnet of grapes and strawberries for £3 – Bargin!! And yes, I am one of those people who likes to spend a few extra minutes making it look aesthetically pleasing because it looks nicer and why not, I’m a blogger now!


LUNCH – Recently I have swapped from sandwiches to wraps and have been loving how easy they are to make and take to uni. Today I just had ham, however you can fill it with whatever you want.  I also try to have more fruit and a few little snacks.

DINNER – Today I was feeling a bit lazy so I didn’t go all out and make a fancy dinner, I chose to go with the classic chicken and pepper flavoured rice.  However, I found ways to make it look nicer than it sounds by adding in slices of coloured pepper.

SNACKS – I try not to snack too much throughout the day as otherwise I won’t be hungry when it comes to main meal.  But I can’t go that long without eating something!  So here are some of my favourite snacks I like to eat during the day whether this be between lectures or meals when at home for the day:

I don’t always eat the same things every day, for example I don’t have chicken and rice every night!  But I thought I’d give you an idea of what I eat on a typical uni day and prove to you that just because you are a student doesn’t mean you have to live off pot noodle, ready meals or takeaways for the next three years.

I hope you found this post interesting, if you have any questions or suggestions on what you want me to post, please feel free to leave a comment.

Jessica x